05 August 2018

"CHABAD Needs New LIVING Leadership"

25 Menachem Av 5778

An important video from Rabbi Yaron Reuven...


  1. Hi a good follow up to this post would be to put the video about the holy lady who lit a ner Neshama for the Rebbe and the Rebbe came to her in a dream and mumash told her about his situation in shamayim how his chassidim are causing him pain and sorrow. And he also tells the lady that he himself will crown the real Moshiach may he be reaviled speadily. The video is on YouTube it's in Hebrew it was on Israeli radio and now it's on YouTube it's only audio with no video. It has a picture of the Rebbe on the page. Thanks alot. All the best

  2. Fantastic! This needs to be screamed from the rooftops.

  3. Baruch HaShem and thank you for learning Torah with us. May the Emet you spread continue to reach all 4 corners of the world and get Am Yisrael to see, do, and live.

  4. Bs''d

    Anyone have this for my Israeli husband in Ivrit, please?
    I am happy that you let see the truth! May Hashem bless you with Kdusha for this and all Am Israel with you!

  5. With all due respect you should differentiate between Chabad Lubavitch chossid and Mashichist. Just ask if they commemorate Rebbe's yortzait. Mashihistim are not respecting this date of 3 of Tamuz, they don't go to hoel, where Rebbe is put to rest, they will never add zt"l to his name because it creates cognitive dissonance about reality.It pains me to see it, because they are not Chabad, they Mashihistim, who give Chabad bad reputation. I only experienced this phenomenon here, in Eretz Israel, because where I lived in United States, they were none of them. Majority of them, which you see in 770 are Israeli. Maybe because kidusha of the land brings stronger tumah like gematriya Mashiach and Nachash is the same, 358. You just have to see it with a truth, to find out what is real.

    1. Nonsense! Why doesn't Chabad fill Times Square in protest of the mishichistim "ruining their name"?

  6. By not leaving someone to follow on his chair, the Rebbe sent a message to the entire Chabad movement and the world: The next one to sit here, on my chair, will be the Moshiach. T.

  7. I just read this blog post referenced above. What does that mean, "when the Mashiach dies?" I always learned that once Mashiach is crowned, there will be no more death?

  8. Rachel, you ask a very good question, and I do not know the answer.

    Maybe the Melech HaMashiach himself is the exception to that rule?

    If you read the two Ramban quotes carefully, you will understand that Melech HaMashiach must have at least two sons and at least one grandson, therefore, a childless man cannot be the Melech HaMashiach.

  9. Rachel, I can't bring you any sources, but in all my reading I have come across the following: When Mashiach comes, there will be techiyat hameitim when the disembodied souls in Gan Eden will be reunited with their purified resurrected bodies. Those who have not died and remain alive through the messianic age will live very long and healthy lives, but at some point, they, too must die as these physical bodies which we inhabit today must undergo a period of disintegration and resurrection. And that would include the messianic king. My understanding, however, is that this transformative process would not necessarily take a long time and it would not be a painful or sad process. In fact, I read someplace that one will lie down for an hour and then get up transformed. According to the Ramchal the nature of this body requires it to die and be resurrected. I hope that helps and doesn't just muddy the waters further.

  10. It's good to show how much you miss the Rebbe with all these acts. Of course this is not presumably viewed as serving the rebbe as God, Chad v'shalom.
    What can you expect from a flock that was left without a leader?
    i logically don't understand what's wrong with these acts, they all know HaShem is God and the invisible rebbe is his servant. They're just showing how much they love and miss him.
    The issue is when you make up why can't the rebbe give audience which is not really an issue. Part of role play is to bring those moments when the rebbe can't make it.
    They're are not at all going against Halacha unless they pray to the rebbe.