"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

01 August 2018

Final Details for Thursday

20 Menachem Av 5778

I understand that not everyone can make it to one of the protest points for various reasons. But for those who can and will, know that those who can't are with you and praying for you. For those who simply can't, for whatever reason, please say Tehillim between 5 pm and 6 pm or 6 pm to 7 pm, whichever period you can cover, for the sake of those who are out there in the vicinity for the sake of Hashem's Name and His Holy City. 

I'll be so glad when we can move on to speak of better things...
Traffic Closures For The Pride March Thursday

The annual pride march takes place in Jerusalem this Thursday. The following streets will be closed from 3PM: Keren Hayesod - Plumer St., King George St., Hillel St., Menashe Ben Israel Street.

Streets leading to those streets will also be closed, include Agron Street, Hillel, King George from Keren HaYessod to Be'eri, Elhanan, Shalom Aleichem, Mapu, Ahad Ha'am, Gaza (Arlazarov to Paris Square), Avida, KKL, and Histadrut.

Parking and entrance for disabled marchers- the southern parking area of Liberty Bell Park- entrance from Bethlehem Road.

The roads will open according to the progress of the marchers.

In view of the expected crowds, drivers are asked to be patient and listen to the instructions of police officers, and follow media updates. Waze will also have updates.

For questions, you can contact the police at 110.

Marchers will gather in Liberty Bell Park from 3:45PM. At 5:30PM the march will begin, going from Liberty Bell park - Keren Hayesod - King George Street - Hillel Street - Menashe Ben Israel Street - Independence Park. At 8PM, there will be a concert at Gan Ha'atzmaut with Dana International, Ninet and Miri Mesika.


  1. ...Rabbi Yigal Levinstein, head of the Bnei David pre-army preparatory yeshiva in Eli, called for a protest against the upcoming Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem, which he labeled “an abomination.”

    ..."A small but vocal and verbally violent minority, which refers to itself as ‘the LGBT organization,’ promotes perversion and distortion of sexual orientation. It operates using any means necessary and strives to make an entire country accept the law that recognizes homosexual intercourse as a legitimate family union," Levinstein wrote.

    “In addition, they are also demanding to allow male homosexuals to have and raise children in a morally twisted reality. It is now clear to everyone that their fight is not about individual rights. It’s a struggle over the image of the Jewish state,” he vented.

    In his letter, Rabbi Levinstein added that the Torah’s definition of family should not be meddled with even in the name of equality.

    "They will not confuse us with their values ​​of equality under which they demand legitimacy. Will we allow incest in the name of equality? Will we allow homosexual sex in the name of equality?” he wondered.

    "We will also not be confused by the Western world’s acceptance of these kind of families … On the contrary, we will teach them about the sanctity of marriage and family through the Torah," Levinstein insisted.

    "I empathize with them and understand the pain and difficulty of those with opposite sexual tendencies, but we cannot remain blind to the moral decay of gay sex, and we certainly will not give in to the overwhelming verbal violence against anyone who disagrees with them," he continued.

    “Anyone who has a heart, every Jew and every person who cares about the Jewish State of Israel, cannot remain silent in the face of the moral humiliation of trying to promote such a law that crushes the Jewish morality, which is a light unto the nations when it comes to the sanctity of family life," Levinstein concluded.

    ...Meanwhile, dozens of Orthodox rabbis published a letter expressing their support for the LGBT community. In the letter, 60 rabbis called for an end to the discrimination and offensive discourse against the LGBT community.

    ...The rabbis began their letter by saying how important it is for religious figures to express alternative views on the matter.

    "Our dear and beloved Jewish LGBT brothers and sisters, we, the undersigned, Orthodox rabbis who are committed to the Torah of life and love of kindness, feel a religious and moral obligation to make an alternative religious voice heard … a supportive voice," they wrote.

    ...The letter is an initiative of Rabbi Yitzchak Eisner and Rabbi Avidan Friedman of the Torat Chayim (Torah of life) Rabbis group.


    1. BIRUR...

      ...The religious non-profit Kehila Datit Tomechet (Hebrew for “a supportive religious community”) will participate in the Jerusalem Pride Parade this Thursday for the 6th year, spreading their message of love and tolerance.

      ...Despite opposition from other religious groups, Kehila Datit Tomechet was very clear about their support for the LGBTQ community: “We want to give a voice to another Judaism – inclusive, loving and accepting. A Judaism that puts an end to homophobia and hatred.”


  2. Those 60 or so 'rabbis' are NOt jEWS; they are SURELY of the Erev Rav. They are 'orthodox' just like they are rabbis. These are evil kofrim and have NO Jewish souls, for sure! No true Orthodox Rabbi can live with himself nor look into a mirror believing the hogwash they put forth by stating that opposing views are okay in this matter. Their sin is unforgivable!

  3. Do not be fooled by these Reshaim-Erev-Rabbis.
    They call themselves "Orthodox", but a simple background check of them personally and of their evil organisation "Torat"-Mavet (and not "Torat-Haim" as they dare to call themselves) will reveal that they all belong to the so called "Modern-Orthodox" gang, which in America nowerdays has become another synomym for "REFORM". These "Rabbis" are murdering our Holy Torah mamash ! And therefore we must call them truthfully "MURDER-ORTHODOX" and not Modern-Orthodox !

  4. ://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/israel-news/1568365/dozens-arrested-peleg-protesters-block-jerusalem-light-rail-traffic-large-photo-video-gallery.html

    for this they will go protest

    1. Yes. This issue of forcing chareidi youth into the social laboratory and brainwashing facility known as the IDF where they can lose their immortal souls is also very important. But, there was also a chareidi protest called against the parade, too.

      There is a media black-out denying coverage of the counter-protestors, so unless someone reports who was there, we simply don't know how it turned out and how many participated.

      You see, it serves them to show the chareidim protesting the draft, but not the parade. It's that simple and that diabolical. There is no objective, unbiased reporting of events anymore, just propaganda and a slanting of coverage (or non-coverage) in order to tell the story in a way that serves greater interests than the public's right to know.

      The public has a right to know how many really attended this parade and how many were from out-of-town and how many actively opposed it. But, we'll never know. Good thing Heaven is keeping accounts.