10 June 2018

What Happens When You Poke God in the Eye?

28 Sivan 5778

We may soon find out...
Netanyahu boasts Israel only Mideast country that 'welcomes gays'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a Jewish advocacy group on Sunday that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that accepts the LGBT community, two days after some 250,000 people flooded the streets of Tel Aviv to take part in the annual Gay Pride Parade.

There’s only one state in the Middle East that welcomes gays … This is the one place in the Middle East where gays walk proudly on a Tel Aviv beach and participate here, in our Knesset deliberations, in our government,” Netanyahu told a gathering of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), with audience members greeting his words with a round of applause.

Gently breaking taboos, a settlement bloc moves gingerly toward LGBT acceptance

‘The Tel Aviv of the Gush’
For many, it was no coincidence that Sunday’s event took place place in the Gush Etzion bloc, and in Efrat in particular.

“I think the Gush is fairly open-minded compared to other religious communities, both in, and not in, the settlements,” said Andrew Braverman.

...The 19-year-old, who studies at Yeshivat Machanayim in Migdal Oz just south of Efrat, said he is given special permission by his rabbis to leave class early on Thursday evenings to go to LGBT gatherings at the Jerusalem Open House.

There’s something about the Gush that people are so content with their lives and their religious identities that they allow themselves to be more open to differences,” said one Efrat mother, whose son recently came out the closet.

The seven LGBT teens who spoke with The Times of Israel each pointed out how the settlement bloc’s heavy American presence has created an environment that is relatively more accepting of those coming out of the closet.
It is also predominantly American olim who are acting as bridges between other Jews and Xian missionaries, too. Not to forget, that Netanyahu himself was raised in America and imbibed its immoral culture.

Mashiach will fight against all of this because it is all contrary to the Torah. I hope we will all be on the right side of things when he starts cleaning house.


  1. These are the latest findings of a survey consisting of two separate polls of American Jewry and Israeli Jews conducted for the American Jewish Committee in April and May.

  2. By praising gays and welcoming them, Bibi showed that he is from the same squad. As saying goes "The zarzir goes to the raven, for it is of its kind"—the equivalent of the English "Birds of a feather flock together" (see Ḥul. 62a, 65b; and, for other species, Ḥul. 63a, 64a). Sometimes true is scarier than fiction.

  3. Rabbi Avigdor Miller (of blessed memory)
    once gave a public lecture in which he taught:

    “G*D grants victories to the Muslims
    because they execute [kill] the gays.”

    Rabbi Avigdor Miller was an Orthodox Rabbi
    who lived from year 1908 CE to 2001 CE.

  4. Mishnah, tractate Keritot, chapter 1, paragraph 1:

    There are 36 sins in the Torah for which the penalty includes cutting-off (karet):

    {1} He who commits sexual intercourse with his mother [incest]

    {2} or with his the wife of his father

    {3} or with his daughter-in-law

    {4} or with a man [homosexuality]… }

    Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi compiled the Mishnah around year 205 CE.

    Mishnah, tractate Sanhedrin, chapter 7, paragraph 4:

    These are punished with [death by] stoning:

    {1} he who has sexual intercourse with his mother

    {2} or with his father’s wife

    {3} or with his daughter-in-law

    {4} or with a man [homosexuality]

    {5} or with a beast…

    EXPLANATION: Stoning is the most severe
    death sentence, as is taught in the Mishnah,
    tractate Sanhedrin, chapter 9, paragraph 3.

  5. Rabbi Moshe Feinstein (born 1895 CE in Belarus,
    died 1986 CE in NYC) referred to homosexuality as:

    “one of the most disgusting and depraved of all sins” and “repulsive” and “a most severe sin against the Torah” and “this detestable wicked sin” and “a great embarrassment for the person and for his entire family” in his Sefer Igros Moshe, chelek Orach Chaim, volume 4, siman 115 :-) :-)

  6. Midrash Rabah, Parshat Bereshit,
    Chapter 26, Paragraph 5:

    Rabbi Huna taught in the name of Rabbi Yosef:

    The Generation of the Flood* [Dor HaMabul] was
    not blotted out of the world until they made official
    marriage contracts between people of the same gender…

    CHRONOLOGY: Rabbi Huna was active
    around the year 270 of the Common Era.

    * NOTE: Noah and his family were
    the only survivors of that generation.

    Midrash Rabah, Parshat Bereshit,
    Chapter 26, Paragraph 5:

    Rabbi Samlai taught: Wherever you find immorality, destruction comes into the world that kills both the righteous and the wicked.

    The context of this teaching indicates
    that it refers to homosexuality.

  7. Sefer Charedim, chapter 63,
    page 219 of menukad edition:

    He who committed homosexuality, after he abandons his sin,
    [he] must immerse [in a kosher mikvah] and fast 233 times…

    And every morning and evening of the fasts,
    he should recite these Biblical verses:
    Lamentations, chapter 3, verse 20 and
    Psalms chapter 31, verse 23…

    And after all these, he should be whipped and
    wear sackcloth and place dust on himself and
    weep more bitterly than someone whose
    only child died and lies before him…

    Also, the angels that are appointed to watch over
    that person, [they] distance themselves from him…


    Rabbi Eleazar ben Moshe Azkari (or Ezkari) was a popular
    preacher who lived in Safed (Israel) in the 1500s CE.
    His Sefer Charedim was published in Venice
    in 1601 CE, a year after his death.
    Several well-known piyutim (Jewish hymns)
    are attributed to him, including Yedid Nefesh.

  8. Rabbi Steven Pruzansky of Congregation
    Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck, New Jersey:

    “…the [ancient] Greeks, against whom the Maccabees fought and prevailed, were avid supporters of and indulgers in homosexuality. It was just one of the immoral practices
    of the Hellenists that the faithful Jews found so repugnant, and therefore went to war in order to purge the land of it.”

    SOURCE: Another Mistake on Chanuka
    by Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, 2012/12/13 http://rabbipruzansky.com/2012/12/13/another-mistake-on-chanuka/

  9. Sefer HaMidot, chapter Niuf (part 2), paragraph 8:

    “It is forbidden to judge favorably [lilmode zechut]
    he who commits homosexuality.”

    CHRONOLOGY: Rabbi Nachman of Breslov
    was born in 1772 CE and died in 1810 CE.

  10. Shulchan Aruch, Chelek Yoreh Deah,
    Siman 252, Sif 8:

    We [must] redeem a [captive] woman before a [captive]
    man [when it is not possible to redeem them both].

    But in a place where they [the kidnappers] are
    accustomed to commit homosexuality, we must
    redeem [ransom] the man [from captivity] first.

    The Shulchan Aruch was written by Rabbi Yosef Caro,
    who lived from 1488 CE to 1575 CE. He was forced to flee
    Spain at the time of the expulsion (or inquisition), eventually settling in the city of Tzfat, Israel where he was immediately appointed to a position of great importance.
    The introductory section of Sefer Charedim refers
    to refers to Rabbi Yosef Caro [קארו] as Gadol HaDor
    [the greatest Rabbi alive at that time].

  11. Shaar HaGilgulim, Introduction [hakdamah] chapter 22:

    “He who has sexual intercourse with a man,
    he will be reincarnated as a rabbit or hare...”

    Arizal was Rabbi Yitzchak Luria,
    born 1534 CE, died 1572 CE.

    שער הגלגולים - הקדמה כב
    הבא על הזכר, יתגלגל בשפן או בארנבת

    NOTE: Sefer Shevet Mussar explains that the reincarnation punishments are IN ADDITION to punishment in Gehinom [Hell], not instead of it.

  12. He seems not to care an iota for even what most of the Jews (who many are traditional, if not religious). Looks like a complete sellout to all foreign influence. Of all the tzoros that plague Yisrael, this is what may cause, c'v, disasters and only then mayhe the people will wake up and demand teshuva from the ruling body that is putting the nation in peril.

  13. Yaakov, true. Believe that the greatest problems which has really caused the upsurge of all that is wrong and sinful in the world has been and is the MEDIA! They have a power which spreads the lies and tumah throughout the world and, thus, partly accountable for all the evils that have come upon the earth.