13 June 2018

This Out-of-Season Rain Is A Very Ominous Sign

30 Sivan 5778
Rosh Chodesh Alef

Since I posted yesterday on the out-of-season rain we are receiving here in Eretz Yisrael, some new details have come out.
...Israel was hit with heavy rains this week, causing power outages and severe flooding throughout the country, a highly unusual occurrence for mid-June.
...Sderot resident Danny Hazan told the Ynet news site that the overnight deluge overwhelmed the city’s water infrastructure, having taken local residents by surprise.
“The drainage system has totally collapsed. It’s been raining all morning and hasn’t stopped,” he said. “People weren’t ready for it, lots of people had already set up pools in their yards for the summer — and all of the sudden it starts raining.”
Heavy rainfall Tuesday night through Wednesday was also reported along the coast and in northern Israel. The inclement weather caused power outages for several Galilee towns overnight.
The rains are expected to continue through Thursday, and authorities are warning of flash floods in southern Israel’s dry desert valleys.
Though Israel’s rainy season typically ends in March, this year has already experienced several unseasonable heavy rainstorms later in the year.
And we are still having rain today. It has even showered off an on a few times at my home in the Judean Desert. 

Commenter Dan G made a most astute observation from this week's Haftarah...
"...If you will fear Hashem, and worship Him, and hearken to His voice, and you will not rebel against the word of Hashem, but you and the king who reigns over you will follow after Hashem, your God . . . But, if you will not hearken to the voice of Hashem, and you will rebel against the word of Hashem, then Hashem's hand will be against you and against your fathers.
Even now, stand yourselves erect and see this great thing that Hashem will do before your eyes. Is it not the wheat harvest today? - yet I shall call to Hashem and He will set forth thunder and rain, then you shall recognize and see that great is your wickedness that you have perpetrated before the eyes of Hashem, to request for yourselves a king."  (Shmuel Alef 12.14-18)
What was significant about the rain that Shmuel HaNavi called down is that it was out-of-season. Wheat is harvested after the rainy season has ended in Eretz Yisrael. And it was clearly meant to send the message that Hashem was greatly displeased with us and that we had what to do teshuvah for.

Notice the critical "and the king who reigns over you." It is not enough that we as individuals obey Hashem. Once we set a king over us, we are now judged along with him. I would go so far as to say that the final pasuk there might just as well end for us in the words, "...to request for yourselves a Prime Minister," i.e. setting up a so-called Jewish State in Eretz Yisrael not in accordance with Hashem's Torah. The "kings" that we have set over us up to now have all been in rebellion against the King of kings - HKB"H.

Someone very near and dear to me had another amazing idea. Remember Yehudit's "prophecy?" I was reminded of something important that it says there...
* The Erev Rav Gov't will deceive the nation and secretly weave dangerous deals.
* They will hand over holy places, including Yerushalayim, and this will cause a 'storm' in Am Israel.
* North of Israel will burn up from missiles from the Iranian Hizbulla, with the support of Syria.
I have no access to the original words. What if it said instead that it would cause a "storm in Israel" and this is the storm it was referring to?  Is the back and forth with the American administration part of this "weaving dangerous deals?"

Ambassador Friedman in Washington to Plan ‘Peace Deal of the Century’

Scoop: Kushner to visit Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia for peace plan talks

Jared Kushner will return to Middle East to discuss Israeli-Palestinian peace plan: Report

Is war in the north coming next?

They say we can't possibly understand the meaning behind events today because we have no prophets. But, this is precisely why the prophecies of our earlier prophets were recorded for all time. So that we would have them now, when we need them most!


  1. Why are you suprised Hashem sends geshem out of season when rechov sheinkin has a toevah parade to the tune of 250,000 perverse souls???
    The merits of the Am Yisroel must be massive that we only get out of season rain and not tillim....

  2. Think H' has had enough. He gave more time for leadership and the nation to repent. It is now out of hand and as you say, maybe things done covertly which are even worse for the nation, such as giving away land, c'v. Believe H' is starting to really show His Hand openly, so to speak, and we will get to understand that we can only rely on HIM, so we better start shaping up.