06 June 2018

"The Biggest Chillul Hashem Ever"

23 Sivan 5778

The following video has a connection with this blog post and its accompanying comments. There must be an important reason that this subject has come to prominence again right now. From the catastrophe in the Jewish community to the international news out of the US Supreme Court, there is a reason...


  1. Very interesting that the rabbi says Hashem will have to create an eighth level of Gehinnom for these people who are committing crimes in such a way that has never been done before - multiplying it to an unprecedented level. At the same time, we can read that the scientists feel the need to create a Category 6 for Hurricanes because the storms are getting bigger than they have ever been before.

    Hurricane Season 2018: Experts Warn of Super Storms, Call For New Category 6

    1. They will all disappear so nobody cares and next year will be the last judgement

  2. Hullin:92b(top of daf) the punishment for men writing a ketuba
    between themselves(which is a much more serious sin
    than mishkav zachor alone:Rashi)
    is Destruction of the World!

  3. this is fantastic. especially the call for the study of Torah.