06 June 2018

God Save Us From Christian "Repentance"!

23 Sivan 5778

Christians wanted to "atone" for handing over Jews to the Nazis so they built a missionary base in the heart of the Jewish nation.

...despite their small Jewish population, Finland turned over eight Jewish refugees from Austria to the Nazis in 1942 during a collaboration with Germany. When news broke out about this exchange, the Finnish people felt the need to atone these sins, and they did so right in Israel.

...“The first purpose of Yad HaShmona is to atone for the sins of the Finnish people against the Jewish nation,” said Ayelet Ronen, general secretary of Yad HaShmona.

...Today, the kibbutz became a home for families who believe in Jesus. Its residents are a mixture of Christian Finns and Messianic Jews who continue to preserve the Finnish culture while also upholding the structure of a traditional Israeli kibbutz.

... the process to establish a kibbutz by non-Jewish people was an obstacle because the kibbutz system was dedicated to Jews. A request from Christian Finns to start one of their own in Israel was not a priority for the government.

However, ...Golda Meir, then Prime Minister of Israel...approved of the non-Jewish kibbutz although the reasoning behind her approval remains a mystery.

...Yad HaShmona continues to be unique from other kibbutz today. With the majority of their residents being Believers (Messianic Jews and Christians), they celebrate all Jewish holidays as well as Christmas,....

...The kibbutz has also developed into a center of activity for those who believe in the New Testament.
The "one new man" - Hashem yerachem!


  1. Somebody tell me how these people figure that setting themselves up in Eretz Yisrael for a very nice life does anything to atone for what their countrymen did to those hapless Jews? And now that they have established it as a center of idolatry!!

  2. In middle of typing this comment, it seems there are those who didn't like what I was writing. They're checking all our comments-it just disappeared while typing.
    Back to this subject, it's obvious they were quite shrewd and 'atoning for their sin' of collaborating with the Nazis, y'mach shmom v'zichrom, was an easy way of bringing in their avoda zora and getting a foothold in EY. The pm's (except for maybe two) were all leftists so they thought 'how wonderful' that they really want to repent- sure! By now, we know the frightening situation of mixtures, avoda zorahs, etc. in EY is at a boiling point, all because 'Jews' allowed all these tzarot to flow in.