24 June 2018


11 Tamuz 5778

We are in the midst of a tremendous birur. HKB"H is testing all of us, each at our own level, so it stands to reason that whatever test we are assigned will be a proper challenge. Now, more than ever before, it is absolutely critical that we be very, very careful not to deviate even one centimeter from our mesorah, either to the left or to the right. 

When a "respected rabbi" or anyone else comes with a chidush that Eisav is the "Fourth Avot," even though our mesorah for over three thousand years says there are only three. Or that Eisav and Yishmael, as descendants of Avraham Avinu, were also "Jews." Or that US President Donald Trump is the presumptive Mashiach ben Eisav while Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is possibly Mashiach ben Yishmael. Or that any opposition to Trump is "Satanic." Understand that this is a part of your loyalty test. That's what the final birur is all about - your loyalty to HKB"H and to the tradition handed down to us from Har Sinai. And only those who remain absolutely loyal to both will merit to greet Mashiach Tzidkeinu.

An entire generation is being mislead these days by rabbis who are "too big to fail" and too big to call out. Interestingly and very tellingly, their errors all come down to one thing - mixing Jews and gentiles, blurring the lines between them and us, eliminating the division between Jews and gentiles, whether virtually or actually. 

Furthermore, by bringing out this idea of multiple messiahs or even "messianic figures," whether intentionally or not, it does nothing more or less than prepare the ground for the acceptance of a false Mashiach and/or the rejection of Mashiach Tzidkeinu as an anti-Mashiach, Hashem yerachem!

It has been pointed out that rabbis are under a heavier attack from the Other Side because by misleading one rabbi, all of his followers will also be mislead. We learned from this week's parashah that even Moshe Rabeinu erred! 

In this time of sifting, it's not only we who are being sifted, but we must also be sifting everything we consume, separating the news from the fake news and the Torah from the fake Torah. Be as careful about the kashrut of your spiritual food as you are of your physical food. Don't swallow everything labeled "Torah" whole. Chew on it awhile and see if it tastes familiar. If it's "off" in any way, spit it out. It might be ok, but then again, it might be poison for your soul. 

During these days, we can't be too careful!