12 December 2017

The Hellenists Are Still With Us

24 Kislev 5778
Erev Hanukah

And their strength and numbers are growing every year. Today, Hellenism is more commonly known as Judeo-Christianity.

Signage in Jerusalem
And it unfortunately has not passed the yeshivah world by. I was walking behind two yeshivah bachurim in Jerusalem day before yesterday and overheard some snippets of their conversation.

"...Hanukah Harry? It's kind of like Secret Santa, but for yeshivah."

Hashem yerachem and raise up for us the Maccabees of old!


  1. Very, very sad...what have we become? As someone told me years ago, "if you rearrange the letters of Santa, you get Satan." He continues to whisper lies in our ears...