27 December 2017

Binyamin Golden on Current Events

9 Tevet 5778

[Plus new messages from Meir Yisroel following Binyamin.]


Jerusalem, 6th candle of Hanukah 5778
FC with Binyamin Golden

Upside-Down World

I want to say to everyone, there is no doubt at all, we have entered into the last days right before the complete redemption. Every person who wants to can easily see that the whole world is upside down, that nothing is like it used to be. Not the weather, not the sea, not the earth, nothing is like it used to be. The oceans are rising because the north and south poles are melting from inside, from within the planet. I won't go over all these things because you've already heard it many times, but the planet, with everything in nature, is working against people now. It doesn't matter what, it's working against people.

For so many years we became accustomed to growing food, hunting animals and such for food, and now there are less animals, and the fish are dying by the millions and the situation of the farmers is very difficult because it is impossible to depend on regular weather like it used to be. Everything is changing and we see clearly that we, the residents on this planet, are on the threshold of a huge war, with hydrogen bombs and "normal" nukes, however much it can be normal. And it's possible to launch a missile from North Korea to the United States, to Washington, DC, to Boston or Miami Beach, or to Houston or Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, wherever you like, it's hard to believe this is the world we live in.

If someone had told us in 1947, 1948 or 1950 that this would be our world now - no way would we have believed it. But, that's the situation, and what's coming will be so difficult that it will be hard for us to understand how anyone could continue to live! To such an extent. And not just the war, also the effects of the star, or the 'mini-solar-system', Nibiru, the comet, it's not a joke, it exists and is what is now interfering with the planet. It's Hashem's messenger to destroy the yetzer hara, to destroy the world that has been turned into the place of the Sitra-Achra, that has been turned into the place of wickedness, of Sodom and Gomorrah, and to take out from all this the diamonds, the diamonds which are the real-Jews with Jewish souls, Jews who stood at Har Sinai and said na'aseh v'nishma.

I just wanted to give you all a general picture, and now we'll talk about Eretz Yisrael. We've spoken many times how Jerusalem is the safest place in the world, and that's true, we know that it will become a refugee city, when and how exactly - I don't know, but thus it is written: Yeshayahu 4.3 - "And it shall come to pass that every survivor shall be in Zion, and everyone who is left, in Jerusalem; ...." I just suppose that whoever will remain to survive in this particular time period will make it to Jerusalem, and it could be that what is written as 'b'Yerushalayim' - the interpretation is all Eretz Yisrael. But what is important is that every Jew who feels in his heart that he is a Jew, and that he is ready to leave the materialism, even though he knows that few people will do it just because some autistic said so, but aside from an autistic like me, there are gedolim speaking like me, that every Jew who wants to survive, advise him to leave all the unnecessary materialism, and to come to Eretz Yisrael, it will be for his good and the good of his family. A Jew who wants with all of his being to greet our righteous Mashiach needs to pack up things now and come to Eretz Yisrael. I know it's not easy to come to Israel now and what I wrote also won't be enough to convince everyone to come, but I have to say it, have to say: whoever wants to be in the safest place, and not just the safest, but also the closest to Hashem, that's the place, this is the place. I don't pressure people who under no circumstances are able to come, but I just say the reality, whoever comes to Eretz Yisrael, and preferably Jerusalem, a Jew like this, if he truly believes in HKB"H and desires closeness to Him and wants to greet Mashiach, he will survive the hard and fearful situations that are coming.

Now, that's not all. Just so you know, World War 3 will begin shortly. The games of North Korea and the Iranians together with the Russians, with what Trump said that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, it's a bit interesting that he's saying it just now, it's very nice, but he knew it would bring great unrest in the world, so it's a bit strange, but it works according to their plan. And not only that, he said now clearly again that it's not possible that the Western Wall won't be in the hands of the Jews and that riled up the Arabs even more.

But, there are more interesting things. In Saudi-Arabia there are those who think that it's not so logical that the Arabs are so against Israel, why? Because there is no reason for it, they should instead be against Iran, and not against Israel. Very interesting. So, we really-really have a crazy world. This young man who took power in Saudi-Arabia also made some kind of video that makes fun of the Iranians. Nu, what can I say? There won't be war?! It's clear! They are getting to it, and it will happen - Hashem yishmor. Hashem yishmor!

But, it won't destroy the whole world, only Hashem directly can do that - destroy the world, and He will do it by way of the star which will destroy most of mankind. But, we don't want to believe it, don't want to leave the fun, the nonsense, and the internet, youtube, and all the impure things that everyone is busy with.

The world has really gone down horribly. It's already not even human, it's something that a few years ago we would not even think could exist. But, in truth, it always did, just the biggest evildoers were in hiding, we did not see them clearly, we did not know that they were ready to do such horrible things. I can't even give over all the things they are doing, how and where they earn the huge amounts of money they have. It's hard even to imagine what they are doing, but they have dragged most of mankind with them, they brought them down, down. There are some good people here and there among the nations, people who are willing to offer themselves on the altar of truth, they're still here, but they are very few. And among the Jews, we need to know tov-tov that every Jewish soul, and I say it all the time, every Jewish soul who stood at Har Sinai - will be saved, that should be clear to you! Will be saved! Even if he made sins - Hashem will return him.

So, don't be afraid, I ask the Jews not to be afraid, it won't be easy, but don't be afraid, just hold fast to the truth. And the truth - it's HKB"H, the truth  - it's the Torah of HKB"H. Don't look left or right, don't get into all the lies. Like we said several times that there would be great antisemitism in the world, in every country, and indeed now there is no end to it, and in a terrible way, also in Germany, also in England, also in Sweden, as well as all other lands.

...Again, I say: the State has come to the world with the task of: "The final solution of the people of Israel." The Ministry of Education wants to kill our religion and we're finding secular text-books within the schools, etc., etc., etc. like we said "without end" on this. They make like 'religious entertainment', but it's not religious, it's secular, it spoils our children and that's what they want: to spoil our Yiddishkeit, to turn us into goyim, that's what they want. And whoever lends a hand to this - woe to him! Whoever collaborates - woe to him! Whoever lets himself be bought, enabling it in exchange for money - woe to him!

Jews! Start building private schools. The 'Beit Ya'aqov' - it's not a place for education. Here and there, there is some school that's called 'Beit Ya'aqov' that maybe-maybe has in it something more Jewish, but also in the chederim as well as the yeshivot and also the schools, the majority - it's a very difficult situation, very very difficult. Whoever takes money from the evildoers - in the end will be his slave. Shemot 23:8 - "You shall not accept a bribe, for a bribe will blind the clear sighted...."

Whoever is a wealthy person - he's an influential person, so they say - and that's the truth. And therefore, it's happening in every area of our lives here in Israel. And abroad it's simply the golden calf that simply rules over the whole people almost. It dictates everything that happens. The Gentiles there hate Jews, they don't love them, and they also are attracted to all the materialism and it destroys, destroys. They already don't know what is true Yiddishkeit, even though there are rabbis and hassidut, and there are yeshivot, but heart, heart, soul - they don't feel it there.

And therefore, we will now go through a war. And after the war, we will receive a 'visit' from the star, the 'mini-solar-system', 'Nibiru', and after that we will see who are the real-Jews, we will see who is connected to HKB"H in truth, we will see who really wants the world that is kulo-tov without all the materialism and who not, we will see who is an ish-emet and who is an ish-sheker. And then, with God's help, we will be able to go on and build the Third Beit Hamikdash and return to 'Erev Shabbat', but this time without the sin. The end.

In the final sentence of the Question and Answer portion, Binyamin says: "I believe that on the 10th of Tevet it will be much easier to fast and cry."

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