24 December 2017

A Last Look Back At Hanukah

6 Tevet 5778
Shavua tov!

From Trump's statements on Jerusalem on the eve of Hanukah to Sholom Rubashkin's release from prison on Zot Hanukah, during a week that is set aside to thank and praise HKB"H, the Jews who should know better were thanking and praising US President Donald J. Trump!

Some have gone so far as to question the Jewishness of anyone who refuses to give thanks to Trump.

Do we read anywhere in Parashat Mikeitz, the parashah of Hanukah week, that Yosef HaTzadik (lehavdil) thanked Paro for his own release from prison and for being elevated to second-in-command of all Egypt? My goodness! Where was his hakarat hatov?

Did we stop to give thanks to Paro when he finally set us free to leave Egypt and follow Moshe Rabeinu into the wilderness? Well, where was our famous hakarat hatov

In both instances, the Paro of the time was correcting an injustice perpetrated within their own nation and acting out of self-interest. They didn't do us any favors.

All this noise and public adoration is not only a chillul Hashem, it is engendering even more antisemitism at a time when it is already sky-rocketing. Stop asking where is the hakarat hatov and ask instead where is the sechel!