06 December 2017

Get Rid of the Maccabees!

19 Kislev 5778

Well, Trump's speech went pretty much as predicted, but in some aspects it was even worse than I expected....

  • Jerusalem's borders are yet to be determined.
  • It could take nine or more years to move the embassy.
  • Jews get to keep the Western Wall and the Arabs alone get Har Habayit with Al Aqsa.
  • Israel is great as long as it is a state of all its citizens (precluding it from being a Jewish state).

And then to top it off, all are urged to expel their "extremists." And we all know how the Maccabees are viewed by assimilationists.

Right now, the fire of Hanukah is burning in Southern California. I understand Rupert Murdoch's house just went up in flames. No one is being spared. No amount of net worth can save anyone.

Take note, Mr. Trump.


  1. Does Sodom and Gomorrah need water to wash out the fires? How about water �� ��
    But seriously for jews in america, get out of there now!

  2. Well. Sweden is almost Judenfrei and France is running out of jews too! Something wrong is happening in the " so called democratic nations" all over the world, that's for shore! Europe imported the anger and wars out of the middle east and still counting and screaming it's the fact of the europeans and not of those who are doing wrong! The same idiotic words i hear coming out of the states and australia???