01 March 2017

What Will Be the Price of the One-World Religion in Eretz Yisrael

3 Adar 5777

It's already here. The One-World religion has been established in Eretz Yisrael.

They went for the "Orthodox" National Religious public primarily. 
They penetrated the walls and broke them down.
They built "bridges" to cross over and infiltrated the holy community.
They implemented a program to entice and capture the hearts and minds of the Jews.

Now, Christians and Jews are joined together at work, at meals, at weddings, at worship!! This is Judeo-Christianity where Jews and Christians are One, but God isn't. It's the One World religion of the Pope's New World Order.

Click on each photo for the imbedded link and do keep in mind that this is only a very, very small part of the whole story.

If you are not already familiar with HaYovel Ministries, what they are doing here in Eretz HaKodesh and which Jews are assisting them, search this blog for numerous articles on the subject.

Keep in mind that wherever Jeremy Gimpel is, Ari Abramowitz is not far behind. And I've already shared this post from Yishai Fleisher who disingenuously refers to these Christian missionaries as "HaYovel gentiles". Ha Yovel is no longer afraid to be known as Christian since they found out it matters not one whit to the Jews associating with them. Why not call it as it is? 

Even Rabbi Tuly Weisz of Israel365 (and Breaking Israel News) understands that Luke Hilton of HaYovel and the entire HaYovel enterprise is made up of Christians. Before the video ends, Luke Hilton brags about it!

I take a lot of heat for exposing what's going on here, so I want to explain why I do it. Rabbi Meir Kahane, Hy"d wrote in The Jewish Idea...
...it is explicit that among Israel there is just one viewpoint, that of Torah, and even if a majority of the Jewish People differ with it, their view is considered deviant and discounted.
...Not only must the righteous minority not surrender to or tolerate the erring majority, but they have a duty to protest against them. Not only must they not accept their viewpoint, but they must also demand that they correct their error and accept G-d's viewpoint. In this regard, our sages said (Shavuot 39a-39b), "'They will stumble over one another' (Lev. 26:37): Over one another's sins. This teaches that all of Israel are responsible for one another, and Lev. 26:37 refers to where they are capable of protesting and do not do it." The mutual responsibility which exists among the Jewish People requires every Jew to share in the fate of his fellow; and if he does not protest the sins of the individual, let alone those of the community, he, too, will be punished.
Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov elaborates further in his book Our Heritage... 
..."You followed me in the wilderness in a land that was not planted." (Yirmeyahu 2:2) -– The Sages explained: This, [the complete dependence on G-d that characterized Israel’s existence in the desert], is only temporary and will last only as long as you are on the way [to the Land of Israel] and until the Torah is permanently implanted within you. Afterwards, you shall enter the land which is My palace, and you will plant at the time of planting, sow at the time of sowing, and harvest at the time of harvesting, and I shall grant you bounty greater than any other nation or land.
However, the imperative to remove all traces of idolatry and to serve only God—this is incumbent upon you now and for generations to come. Have you removed the foreign gods from your midst? Have you brought yourselves under My wing and shattered all of your idols? Let Amalek come and examine you. If your hearts are completely with Me, you have nothing to fear. But if there is among you a man or woman whose soul still clings to the idols of Egypt and their abominations, let them [the idols] come and save you from the wicked Amalek! The verse therefore states: "And Amalek came..." (Shemos 17:8) "… and he tailed after you [striking] all the weak who fell behind." (Devarim 25:18)
"And he tailed after you" — R. Nachman explained: All those whom the “protective cloud” cast out were caught by Amalek. The Sages explained: This refers to the tribe of Dan who were cast out by the “protective cloud” because they were all idol-worshipers. The idol which Michah had created was in their midst, and there were many among them who had not wholeheartedly resolved to serve G-d alone (Yalkut Shimoni, Parashas Ki Setze).
[God said to them:] “I restrain My anger when you fail to accomplish what you are capable of accomplishing. And you worry that I might command you to do something of which you are not capable! Let Amalek come and examine you.”And he tailed after you -– Amalek was like a fly which hovers over any place where it finds an open wound. When Amalek found a weak link in Israel, they came and waged war with Israel.
Sin and transgression—these are Amalek’s strengths. Amalek is the cause of sin and through Amalek punishment is meted out. This is the manner in which Satan acts. He first creates a stumbling block for man, ascends to God and accuses him, and then descends to carry out his destruction. 
Here is a link to one of the movies playing in Shamayim to cause Hashem's anger to burn against Israel...

Hayovel Ministries worships their man-god Yeshu as "Lord" in their sukkah on Har Brachah.

Is it any wonder that Jews are being expelled from their homes?! And God forbid if Hashem should send Amalek right now to search out the "weak links"!!

HKB"H means business, people. We had better mean it, too!