02 March 2017

Jewish Government - Part 4

3 Adar 5777

I suspect the next war (which could be sooner than we think) will result in the collapse of the current regime and Mashiach will arise to re-establish the monarchy. Therefore, it is critical that those of us who desire that outcome prepare ourselves by learning about what really constitutes a Jewish government.

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...Rashi explains (Sanhedrin 49a, ד"ה אכין ורקין): "If the king sets out to nullify Torah pronouncements, we do not heed him."

Rambam sets this down as law (Hilchot Melachim 3:9):
Whoever violates a royal decree because he is busy with a mitzvah, even a light mitzvah, is exempt from punishment. Given the pronouncement of the Master and of the servant [i.e., the king], the Master's pronouncement takes precedence. It goes without saying that if the king decreed that a mitzvah be violated, we do not heed him.
...The duty to obey and honor government authority hinges on whether in the case in question the government is obeying Torah law, which is a necessity of the people.

...The nations and alien culture have crowned supreme the concept of vox populi, decision-making by majority, come what may, and it is this which is called "Democracy". The Torah, by contrast, does not tolerate such foolishness. Abominable wickedness cannot possibly be rendered acceptable simply because a majority of fools, ignoramuses or evildoers have declared it so. Bitter does not become sweet or darkness light, even if all the people say it is. One is not free to decide against the commandments of his Creator, for a slave is not free to rebel against his master. A decision of the king or of all the people which opposes a command of G-d is null and void and like the dust of the earth.

...The non-Jews worship many idols and follow many alien cultures, all of them false; and even looking from their point of view, we cannot tell who and which of them they consider "truth". Therefore, with them there is certainly a need to follow the majority, since they lack any clear truth. This is why the system of majority rule was created.

For Jacob, however, there is only one truth, and it does not matter whether the whole world differs with it, because it is impossible to decide against the truth. Even if, to our great chagrin, most of Israel choose falsehood over Torah, that does not matter, since Jacob already has the truth. (As it says, "You have shown the truth to Jacob." Micah 7:20) Jacob is a single soul for truth, and if others wish to depart from that one soul, they do not count at all.

...Thus, it is explicit that among Israel there is just one viewpoint, that of the Torah; and even if a majority of the Jewish People differ with it, their view is considered deviant and is discounted.

...Not only must the righteous minority not surrender to or tolerate the erring majority, but they have a duty to protest against them. Not only must they not accept their viewpoint, but they must also demand that they correct their error and accept G-d's viewpoint. In this regard, our sages said (Shavuot 39a-39b), "'They will stumble over one another' (Lev. 26:37): Over one another's sins. This teaches that all of Israel are responsible for one another, and Lev. 26:37 refers to where they are capable of protesting and do not do it." The mutual responsibility which exists among the Jewish People requires every Jew to share in the fate of his fellow; and if he does not protest the sins of the individual, let alone those of the community, he, too, will be punished.

A majority which contests Torah law, the only law of the Jewish People, is no majority. Those who contest Torah law are lawbreakers when they decide to oppose the law of the Jewish People and to forbid that which is required and to require that which is forbidden. it is they who undermine the rule of law and disturb the peace. It is they who bring tragedy and Divine punishment upon the Jewish People. (Source)

Part 5

Not one political party in Israel, even and especially new ones, will stand by the Torah and advocate for Torah law in our land. Therefore, they offer no solutions to our problems, because all of our problems, whether they be with the economy, security, education, etc., stem from just one Big Problem - the one we have with our Creator and Master by our disobedience and outright rebellion against His rule.

One day, hopefully very soon, the rot of the current system will bring about its own collapse and from the rubble will arise a single man who will become king over Israel - HKB"H's own man - our righteous Mashiach. Be prepared to accept this or prepare to be removed. The age of "tolerance" is going to end.