29 March 2017

US Admin Stacked With Jews

3 Nisan 5777

In Israel, they say "only the Right can make peace". Just like "only the Right" can throw Jews out of their homes - and still get re-elected. That's because people know that for sure the Left will do it, but they keep hoping that the Right will make good on their promises, even though they never do. What alternative do the people have?

For the same reason that "only the Right" will be able to pull off a "peace"-deal with the Arabs in Israel, I surmise that only a US administration so stacked with Jews as this one will be able to establish a Palestinian State and get away with calling itself the most "pro-Israel" US administration of all time.
High hopes of Arab summit OK for Israel peace step
If the Arab summit opening in Amman Wednesday, March 29 meets the expectations of Washington and Jerusalem, the session will ratify a pivotal initiative for promoting an historic peace process between the Arab world and Israel. This effort, which matured through five months of mostly secret diplomacy, was launched by Donald Trump in November, shortly after he was elected US President.
...DEBKAfile’s sources in Washington and Jerusalem report exclusively that President Trump and Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman crafted this proposal at the White House on March 14, during the prince’s trip to Washington.
...In the course of their conversation, Prince Mohammed informed Trump that his father, King Salman, had agreed on the need for the first time to amend the original 2002 Saudi peace proposal.... [Which resulted in George Bush's famous "Road Map for Peace"]
All 15 Arab Summit resolutions blast Iran
...DEBKAfile reported earlier, this issue is the subject of active exchanges between the US, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Israel and the Palestinian Authority. King Abdullah of Jordan, who hosted the summit and Egyptian President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi will travel to Washington to report to President Donald Trump on the private discussions on this issue at the session and launch the next stage of the Arab-Israeli peace initiative.
Did Netanyahu skip AIPAC to avoid peace deal-pushing Trump?
...But then we turn to the Israeli-Palestinian issue. And here the waters get murky indeed. There are lots of indications that this administration is going to be tougher on Mahmoud Abbas than Obama was. How did Haley put it? “Until the Palestinian Authority comes to the table… there are no freebies for the Palestinian Authority anymore.”
But still. The embassy isn’t moving. Abbas has got his White House invitation. The president’s envoy is making visits to Palestinian refugee camps. And the president himself is describing settlements as unhelpful to peace, and publicly asking Netanyahu to “hold back” on them a little. A lot of people didn’t see any of that coming.
The pressure will be on once again for Israel to grant concessions because the Arabs never will and US President Trump wants this deal really badly.
Jordan FM says Arab summit ends with 'message of peace'
Arab leaders on Wednesday endorsed key Palestinian positions in the conflict with Israel — a signal to President Donald Trump that a deal on Palestinian statehood must precede any Israeli-Arab normalization.
In a one-day summit, they relaunched a peace plan that offers Israel normalization with Arab and Muslim states, provided it cedes lands it captured in 1967 to a future Palestinian state.
This will be the test of just how good a "friend" President Trump really is to Israel. And we won't have long to wait to find out. 

However, the fact that this has been Trump's obsession since the moment he was elected, since before he even took office, and before the myriad domestic issues demanding his attention, is some indication of how it's going to end.

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