28 February 2017

Does Zehut Have the Answers?

2 Adar 5777

If they do, they are not sharing them on Facebook. I guess the communication is only meant to be one-way. I (and others) have asked some serious questions, but no response is forthcoming, not even a "We'll have to get back to you on that."

Here is my final question, for which I do not expect an answer either. Where is the money coming from for such a production as this...

2 hours ago, I left a planning meeting about Zehut's upcoming convention and my mouth is still wide open. I am in shock. I have never seen anything so professional, exciting, and energetic in my life!
My impression is that this convention – Tuesday, Feb 28th at the Tel Aviv port "Hangar 11" – will simply blow people away. It will give the impression that this is not some political rally in Israel, rather that they are standing in the middle of the Republican National Convention.
Here's a sneak peek:
  • 24 screens all around the room
  • A round stage similar to what was used at BOTH the US Democratic and Republican Conventions a few months ago
  • Live entertainment from top Israeli singers and performers
  • The complete, never-before-seen Zehut platform, printed as a 300-page book (in Hebrew) plus a 25-page synopsis of the platform in Hebrew, English, and French. (Russian and Spanish will be available after the convention)
  • Animated movies that highlight portions of the Zehut platform
  • Simultaneous translation in several languages
  • Huge flags, banners, and balloons
  • Live streaming on Facebook… and Arutz-7 as well!
Funny story:
I asked Shai Malka, General Manager of Zehut, if our usual videographer, Tehila, will be filming the conference. He answered; "No..we have Israel's #1 film crew - with a team of 14 video cameras – filming the event from every angle imaginable!" 14 cameras?? This is like the Super Bowl!!!
And yes, there will be a clip of the exciting highlights after the convention…

A convention like this has never taken place in Israel's history!
Yes, there have been political conventions but they have ALWAYS been limited to members of the party. THIS convention is for… Am Yisrael – the entire Nation of Israel.

Let me review the details:It's at the Tel Aviv Port (called the "Namal") inside "Hangar 11" this coming Tuesday evening – February 28th (the 2nd of Adar). Zehut members are asked to come between 3:00pm-5:45pm in order to vote on key Zehut issues regarding our primaries. Doors open to the General Public at 5:45pm and the program will begin promptly at 6:15pm. The evening will conclude at 8:45pm.
New leadership is coming to Israel sooner than you think. Let's get to work!

With love of Israel,
Shmuel Sackett
Chairman, Zehut International

You have to wonder, for such an extravaganza - just like the Americans! - who is bankrolling it? 

So, a reader has sent the following...

Moshe Feiglin & Zehut Charidy(sic) Money Bomb Donate NOW – $400,000 Goal

Every donation will be matched 4x. Here is what Shmuel Sackett sent me. I donated $1,000, which is matched by donors to $4,000.

And, again, I ask. Where is this money coming from? Or should I ask from whom?