22 March 2017

Protect Your Children

24 Adar 5777
Exposé: NIF Funded School Trip Where Jewish Children Bowed in Mosque Prayer
The trip last week where Israeli Jewish children from Caesarea were made to bow in prayer during a school trip to a mosque in an Arab town just north of their city was arranged by an organization that receives its funding from the New Israel Fund, Channel 20 TV revealed on Tuesday.
Channel 20 also revealed that four Orthodox Jewish children who participated in the school trip went hungry the entire day because the only food available had been prepared by local Muslim parents and no kosher food was available.
...A member of the Caesarea parents’ steering committee told Channel 20 that no one had told them, that no one had coordinated the mosque visit with the parents.
In addition to this, there is a story out of Ma'ale Adumim about an incident in an "Orthodox" kindergarten where a Xian child is telling classmates about J----. Only one mother had the courage to complain publicly. Reportedly, other parents were concerned, but were afraid to complain openly.

What is more important than the safety of a child's neshamah? A parent must do everything in their power to protect their children from evil influences, propaganda and brainwashing.

The ideal, of course, is that they not be in an environment which challenges the truth. Even yery great people in their adult years have become confused and been mislead, but the world we live in today makes it nearly impossible to completely insulate our children. Therefore, parents must take charge of their children's education at home and not depend on the educational system to do the job.

Take time each week to sit and talk to your children about what they are doing, seeing and hearing at school. Do it in a way that's not like an interrogation, but encourages them to share what is happening in their lives. The same goes for getting them talking about what they discuss with their friends at play. Their playmates/classmates likely hear and see things in their own homes that you would not allow into yours and then they "share" this with your children without your knowledge.

By being tuned in to what your children are being exposed to, you have created an opportunity to counter the negative effects they could have on your children.

Talk to your children about your values and beliefs and explain to them, in terms that they can understand, why you reject others. Don't let them hear first from their classmates or even teachers on certain subjects. Be there first with the truth so that when the subject arises, they won't be caught off-guard, not knowing what to think about what they've heard.

Try to anticipate what hazards your child may face in his daily life outside your home and prepare him in advance with information and knowledge. Had these Jewish children from Caesaria been properly prepared by their parents at home, they might have been capable of showing the wisdom and courage of Azriel Hirsch in his boyhood. 

And never underestimate the power and protection of daily prayer on behalf of our children!