31 October 2016

UPDATE: Right on Course, Right on Schedule

30 Tishrei 5777
Rosh Chodesh Aleph
Chodesh Tov!

Russia readies itself for 'huge offensive' on Aleppo to save Assad say intelligence reports

Russia will undertake a full-scale military attack on the city of Aleppo as Vladimir Putin seeks to exploit a political lull in Washington just before the US election to try to score victory for his ally Bashar al Assad, it has been reported.

...There are said to be 275,000 men, women and children who are still living in the rebel enclave in Aleppo.

The Admiral Kuznetsov is expected to arrive off the Syrian coast between Wednesday (2 November) and Friday (4 November) accompanied by seven escort ships, including a missile-firing battle cruiser and two destroyers.

...Three Russian attack submarines are also thought to be heading towards the area, armed with cruise missiles.

Russia ‘on brink’ of major attack with ‘significant consequences’ THIS WEEK

Russia’s leader is believed to be “on the brink” of unleashing his military firepower on the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo while the US is distracted with the election.

Three submarines armed with cruise missiles have reportedly joined the massive naval force heading to within striking distance of the war-torn city.

The diesel-powered Kilo-class subs joined Moscow’s only aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean to boost the firepower of president Assad’s government forces.

Along with seven escort ships – including two destroyers and missile-firing battle cruisers – the Admiral Kuznetsov is expected the arrive off the Syrian coast this week.

There are fears the sinister navy fleet could be used in a final assault on the city within days – putting the lives of 275,000 men, women and children in danger.

A western intelligence source told the Times: “We think that the Russians are on the brink of a major military assault on Aleppo.

“There could be significant humanitarian consequences.”

Michael Clarke, former director general of the Royal United Services Institute, a London-based think-tank, suggested there could be a genocide-level event.

Half of Russians fear Syria standoff could spark WW3, poll shows


  1. Russia, FINISH OFF the Wahhabis. Thank you.

  2. Is this going to some how be the end of Damascus?


  3. Anonymous,
    I've been thinking the same thing, "How does this relate to the fall of Damascus specifically?"

    1. It relates to the Fall of Damascus IF we hold that the borders of Eretz Yisrael are in accordance with Tevuot HaAretz whose border of Israel from Sefer baMidbar goes up to the Gateway to Damascus.

      Or one can look at the destruction of Damascus in Yishayahu 17 as a separate prophesy for its destruction which is separate from an invasion of Eretz Yisrael by Russian/Persian troops.

  4. According to Kaftor veFerach on Sefer BaMidbar, Aleppo is the northern tip of Eretz Yisrael. Yehoshua bin Nun neglected to conquer the northern 40% of the pre-Messianic borders of Eretz Yisrael, something that very few take him to task for. Ever wonder why? Perhaps it is because the Russian/ Persian (Dubiel or Bear Power) "invasion" of Eretz Yisrael which depopulates the region that Russia invades at the End of Days need only constitute portions of Eretz Yisrael that Yehoshua never conquered in the North. Tevuot HaAretz and Kaftor veFerach vary significantly on the exact northern border that Yehoshua never conquered. K vF seems to hold by a straight line from Mt Hermon northward up to Aleppo and then over to the Med. while Tevuot opts for a northeast line into Western Syria followed by a sharp turn to the Mediterranean through Northern Lebanon. If Kaftor veFerach is right, we may yet be saved from the worst travails of GogUMagog while Aleppo and perhaps Lebanon are depopulated of their various tribes of squatters.

  5. Exactly as Dov Bar Leib writes, H' is doing this with rachamim on Yisrael by cleansing the Land but where it is now not controlled by us. Everything, everything is being controlled by H'.