30 October 2016

How Might An Imminent Nuclear War Scenario Play Out?

29 Tishrei 5777
Erev Rosh Chodesh

First, the real-life stuff...

World War 3 Escalation: Russia Answers US Troops In Norway, Poland With Nuclear Warships In The Baltic

Tensions between the world’s nuclear powers have continued to escalate and developments in the last week have World War 3 conspiracy theorists watching warily as the United States — and, by extension, NATO — and Russia maneuver troops and armament in efforts to extend for themselves and/or deny their adversary any kind of tactical or strategic advantage in what military experts are calling a resumption of the Cold War. The U.S. has promised troops to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) member Poland and are negotiating placing troops in Norway. Russia, in a checking move, has deployed warships to the Baltic Sea that are outfitted with nuclear missiles.

UK deploys hundreds of troops and aircraft to eastern Europe

The UK is deploying hundreds of troops, as well as aircraft and armour to eastern Europe as part of the biggest build-up of Nato forces in the region since the cold war. The deployment is taking place during growing tensions over a series of high-profile Russian military manoeuvres.

Six NATO countries say ready to dispatch their forces to Black Sea area

US Orders Families of Consulate Workers in Istanbul to Leave

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The State Department is ordering family members of employees posted to the U.S. Consulate General in Istanbul to leave because of security concerns.


Check out how closely the following video mirrors actual current events: "This video presents a fictional live BBC news broadcast showing escalating conflict between Russian and NATO forces, culminating in a full scale strategic nuclear attack against the United Kingdom."

[Skip to right around 11:25 to catch just the end of the "normal programming"]


  1. WOW! This one had my pulse racing wondering just how prescient the BBC might have been in this production. To say that we live in interesting times is a major understatement.

  2. scary, very scary, and the worst is it could happen.

    teshuva and only looking up to Hashem... that is our only hope.

    thanks for the posting.

    Hashem bless you and yours.