09 October 2016

"Softening Up the Target"

7 Tishrei 5777

US covert ops include plans for what they call "softening up a target" psychologically in order to push public opinion in a particular direction which serves US interests. With the big UN conclave on Israeli settlements looming on Friday, I suppose we can expect more of these in the coming week, courtesy of our "best friend and ally".

Terror Attack in Jerusalem, Terrorist Neutralized, Multiple Wounded

In fact, considering how little time Obama has left to realize his goal of establishing a 'Palestinian' state, we might see a reign of terror unleashed across the nation.

What can we do? The same things we always do: pray, do heartfelt teshuvah, give extra tzedakah, try to go about business as noramlly as possible, but be extra vigilant and alert. Hakol min Shamayim v'hakol b'yadei Shamayim.


  1. All the buses coming in from the so-called West Bank use this train atation. I guess that's why it is constantly being targeted. Oh yeah, and it's also sitting in so-called East Jerusalem. Don't want to forget that part.

  2. Devash and readers,

    Rabbi Sprecher was on his way to the OU Center by train, which stops at Ammunition Hill, where at least one of the attacks took place (he says there were 2). As the article you linked to says, 2 of the wounded are now dead. R' Sprecher talks about it in the upcoming video, to be posted on my blog tonight (as soon as I hear it's up).

    G'mar hatimah tovah,

    1. I and my family members use this station all the time. I had already planned a trip to town today so I kept to my normal routine which brought me back to Givat Hatachmoshet to catch my bus home.

      I walked off the train and went to the spot I usually go to and then noticed I was standing in front of a missing pane of glass behind me and a missing sign above my head and realized this is where one of the victims was shot this morning. I had seen the pictures of the bullet holes in the news articles. But, this afternoon, except for the missing glass and signs, you would never know anything had happened. It gave me a sick feeling in my stomach and I moved out of the shelter and down the sidewalk to one of the open benches until time for my bus to arrive. And I said Tehillim for the wounded and screamed silently inside my head for our deliverance.

    2. Wow, Devash! Your story reminds me of a young man who was studying at Tel Aviv U at the time, who had missed a terror attack by 8 minutes! I spoke with him in TA from my office as part of my work, then in the States; it had to be about 15 years ago or more.

      The video is up now. You can access it at my blog under the R' Ephraim Sprecher menu tab (latest is always on top) or on YouTube: The Scapegoat: A Bribe to Satan?

  3. Wow Devash! Amazing just look how Hashem kept you safe! CDG I just finished watching this shiur! I learned things I never knew like why we take off our shoes - fallen angels - and so much more can you get the handouts? I really would like to have a copy of the handout. Have an easy fast and a meaningful fast to everyone