30 April 2015

R.Mizrachi at His Very Best

11 Iyyar 5775
Day 26 of the Omer

He really outdoes himself here - faithful messenger of the Torah Truth. Everyone should hear this - Jews and non-Jews alike.

Rabbi Mizrachi is one of (if not the most) successful kiruv rabbis in the world. Notice that he does not 'dumb-down' the Torah or dress it in goyishe garb in order to make it appealing to the non-religious. After all, Hashem is not looking for quantity, but quality.


  1. This was on my list for this afternoon. Can't wait to hear It!

  2. I listen to him whenever I'm driving; it's easy to download his lectures. He definitely has a special role at this point in history.

  3. I love how he addressed lobster preparation and included tons of halacha.

    The outrage against the Torah attitude is very telling. All these Far East countries host terrible cultural practices and always have. All their "enlightened" priests and gurus have done nothing for centuries to alleviate the massive human suffering and heartless customs and attitudes. In fact, billions of these people do nothing until some Westerner comes along to the rescue -- a Westerner influenced in at least some small warped way by Torah values. Everyone knows the basic suffering that is tolerated and, in some cases, even approved by the native populations.

    It says a lot about the people who are outraged by the Torah view when they KNOW all the terrible things tolerated and flourishing in these idol-worshipping countries; they do nothing to stop these things, but when Hashem steps in to stop the cruelty, they are appalled.

  4. http://www.divineinformation.com/erev-rav/
    new lecture of rav Mizrachi
    leah l.

  5. around the 52 mark : I am wondering if a Yid sells xmas shopping bags or making money from whatever they produce for the goyish xmas holiday - is this permitted or not?

    1. I think he said ok, except not during 3 days before their holiday. I once knew a Jew who made candy canes for their holiday. They were kosher, and delicious. But not three days before ....

  6. Rabbi Mizrahi's.chelek of Torah is truly awesome. I've only listened to one hour of his shiur so far. He calls a.spade a spade and does not apologize.
    Dassie,.so true. There will be people who will always look forward to being.critical of Torah. They want to do what they want to do and dare anyone to get in their way.
    How anyone could misconstrue his words as though.he was rejoicing about people dying is beyond me.
    We are.truly living in some very daunting times.
    Thanks Devash, always! Keep posting!

  7. Wow, just finished listening. Very powerful. Especially when he spoke about Rav Wosner, that he said there are only two ypes of people. Those who believe only in HaShem that He is in charge, and the others are idol worshipers. I have thought that for a long time, many years. Zt"zl after Rav Wosner's name.

    1. Just a correction, Neshama. It was Rav Shlomo Wolbe, ztz"l that he talked about.

  8. The reason there's always someone or many who are critical of Torah laws and rules is because these people do not want to be told truth and the proper way to live life. This is the reason for the natural pintele hatred in most of humanity towards the Jew. because it is the Jew who brought truth and the ultimate Guide to Life to the world, the holy Torah, The nations were also given the choice to accept this treasure and one by one they turned it down because it had laws which would prohibit their idolatry, thievery, murder, etc., etc. From the time the Jewish nation received this greatest of treasures, a direct gift from our Creator, the nations have tried to eliminate the Jew and his G-Dly way of life. Today, more than ever, we are at a time where many 'Jews' are critical of His holy Torah because they have assimilated with the nations and think they can live without any help from G-D and some have become worse anti-semites than even the non-Jewish antisemites (because many of them who really have no Jewish souls and stem from the mixed multitudes who tagged along at the Exodus). Truly daunting times.



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