01 April 2015

Binyamin: "The World is on the Way to War"

12 Nisan 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]

Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 20 Adar 5775

The World is on the Way to War

I'm very happy that you asked me to come today. The world is beginning to show us that it's going very strongly in the direction of a third world war and also the global fall of the economy. I know that most people in the world prefer not to know it and ask: Then, if so- why do I need to know it? And they continue with their parties, with the 'golden calf', in order not to think, in order to dream that they will continue with the pink bubble that the whole world, most of the world, lives in since World War 2.

And we've had more-or-less sixty-seventy years of what they call the 'good' life. We had materialism really 'over the head', even the eyes - so to speak, that in the US was in a much better situation than the middle-class in Europe before World War 2, in terms of all the food that they had, and all the cars, etc. And I know it wasn't unusual to see some shack in the US when in front of the shack stood some Cadillac, a shack belonging to blacks, but they had a Cadillac... And, of course, there was an antenna above the shack because they had a television and also, a record player, in the fifties they had...etc. So, even the poorest in America was much richer than the poor in Europe before World War 2, which is why, therefore, they don't want to leave it. It didn't take many years until the sixties that everything blossomed from a materialistic perspective, and they built shopping centers, malls, with all kinds of toys, and a cinema, etc. And afterwards came out all kinds of electronic things and internet, etc., but they don't want to leave it.

Also, the chareidim got into it strongly. I laugh to myself when I see a Yerushalmi woman with a cell phone stuck under her headscarf and she's walking in the street pushing a stroller with a baby, and talking on the cell phone that's under her headscarf... that's our world today. We forgot about gentleness, we forgot about modesty,we forgot about being true Jews. Baruch Hashem, there are still a few who DO do what's needed, trying to return to what once was, but they are few.

And it's not for nothing that we have a tradition that only 7,000 Jews will greet our righteous Mashiach. We don't know how this calculation will be made and what it says, but what is clear is that few people will survive. Among the Jews - there will survive only those who trust in Hashem, those who really know that there's nothing, there's nothing that happens in the world without HKB"H, that HKB"H causes all the things that are happening in the world, whether it's ants crawling on the ground... or the great elephant, or the predator lion - it all belongs to HKB"H.

If we think that it will help us very much - very much going to the doctors - then know one secret: no one dies a moment before he is supposed to! Just what, running to doctors and praying for a miracle. But, people rely on doctors. And the doctors like today, many of them, they're really murderers. Not everyone - Baruch Hashem, but they're not our saviors. A real doctor, even a gentile, can say to his patients that I'm nothing - only HKB"H saves. Because every real doctor who sees the truth, even a gentile, knows that most of the time that they're saving people, in truth - it's a miracle.

And now we're in very big danger, really big. The danger is from war as well as a very hard fall - the hardest fall that ever was - from an economic perspective. And, right, if a Jew tells me: 'What do we need to know? We need to sit and learn! We need to do what we need to do and not to fear and not to worry, and that's it!...' That's right. And if only all of us were at that level, but for those who don't comprehend what is happening and why it's happening - listen carefully, in order that maybe it will scare you to such an extent that you will begin to search for HKB"H, because ONLY HKB"H can save us. It should be clear to you: only a few people will survive! It should be clear, we will reach a situation what we will understand that ONLY HKB"H can save us. About which danger are we speaking? The danger of World War 3.

We spoke here about the film that was found, the film of the Chofetz Chaim, ztz"l. And why did they find it precisely now? From 1923 when it was filmed at the first meeting of the rabbis of Agudat Yisrael in Europe until today - they forgot it completely! So, why precisely now at this moment did Hashem send it? In order that we will see the gaon once more, the gadol, the tzadik, a giant tzadik in our world - the Chofetz Chaim! And why now, especially? Because it's heralding the complete redemption! It says that it's arriving and the Cohanim need to learn the laws of korbanot. It says that the time has come for us to come close to Hashem, and we will know that there's nothing besides Him alone. We should know there's nothing! There's no power in the world that can save us - only Him. We should be ready to accept the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven, at any moment. At every moment that we have nothing to do we should tell ourselves: 'Ayn od milevado, there's nothing besides Him alone, ayn od milevado.' To fill our lives with meaningful things, things of substance, spiritual things that will bring us much closer to our Source, which is HaKadosh Baruch Hu, Who is the Almighty, and only Him. To wait for Mashiach, to yearn for Mashiach! A real Jew must yearn for Mashiach. It's a sign, it's another sign that he's a real Jew.

And in addition to this, we need to influence others, also, to try to return them in repentance. I'm not speaking particularly about the seculars, but also about the chareidim who have distanced themselves in a horrible way, who have lost their Jewish sensitivity, the gentleness, the Torah, even though they're 'chareidim' supposedly. I'm not saying new things, just one thing I'll say: we're on the way to the third world war that will be something terrible. I don't have a word even strong enough to tell what it will be. Eretz Yisrael won't get hurt. I'm not saying that there won't be some bomb here or that they won't throw missiles on us, but it won't be like abroad, there two thirds of the world will be destroyed, a third completely and an additional third badly damaged. And it's not for no reason, it's in the prophets. And the Abarbanel says that it has to happen. So, even if we will be in Eretz Yisrael - it's not simple.

After this - also, the Zionists will fall and the moment that they will fall, we will be able to receive our righteous Mashiach. As long as they haven't fallen - there's no chance, they need to fall first. And we, the main thing first of all - is to return to HKB"H, to know that He is the Almighty, and that only He can save us. And all these evildoers who think that they can take over the whole world, which now Hashem is letting them, making it possible for them to succeed and they're so drunk on their success that they are already doing foolish things - they will fall, they will fall very hard! But, first, they will destroy a very great part, most of the world. And not only that: together with this will be economic collapse, such a hard fall, but, all these things will go quickly, it will go continuously, one thing after another.

We are writing already twenty-three years, so in these twenty-three years, we're waiting and waiting and thinking and thinking that 'Oh, this is it, the time has come...' but, it didn't continue on that way, now it will be one thing after another. If we will look at what has happened from this date a year ago until this moment - the world has already changed, it's made a 180-degree turn! I want to say to you again: it will be much faster now.

That's right that since 'The Twins' the time really runs, and each year it runs more, and still more, and faster still. Now, the moment Monday arrives - it's already the end of the week... Once, it was the moment Wednesday arrived, and now, it's already Monday... and in a little bit it will be Sunday... thus it passes at lightning speed, and we do not perceive to where life is fleeing. But, that's how it is. Hashem wants to finish this situation already of Am Yisrael within the exile, He wants to finish with the exile and arrive to the complete redemption. And that's the next stage of Creation. It's to go out from 'slavery to freedom' - but, forever. From Egypt we went out - but, it still wasn't forever, and now we will go out from the culture of Egypt, from the vulgarness of Egypt, that already rules in all the world, the vulgarness of Esau, the vulgarness of the gentiles and we will arrive to eternity.

Also, in eternity there will be stages within which we will ascend, and ascend, and ascend, but, I won't get into that, the main thing is if only we will arrive to the end, and we will receive our righteous Mashiach and will offer korbanot, etc., etc.

Am Yisrael, don't forget: all of This World is only illusion! It doesn't exist. We are born and we have a mother and father, usually, we have a family, we learn in school, grow up, go to kollel to learn, or go to work, setting aside time for Torah, and women, they also go to school, get married, etc., the world appears as if that's it, that's the way it is.

We look at our parents like they are the parents forever, at our husbands as if it's forever, and at the women like it's for eternity, and also at the children this way, but we don't understand that it's all made for us for the sake of our souls, to go up, to go up and to reach a situation of maximum closeness with HKB"H.

And when we will arrive to the complete redemption, we will learn that all the relationships of people in this world - This World of the evil inclination - will disappear and then we will see where our real-connection is, where the second part of our soul is, where we complete ourselves. And it will be satisfying, the greatest satisfaction. But, at the moment that it will be complete - it will be possible to ascend, and ascend, and ascend, without end, without end, without end, that the person who lives today can't at all understand it.

So, Am Yisrael, wake up! The time has come. Throw away all the games, throw away all the materialistic pleasures in the trash. And prepare for a spiritual world, yes, we will indeed have a body and a head and a tongue, etc., but, there won't be a lie, there will be only truth. Truth, truth, truth. Truth. That's it.

[This session was followed by a very lengthy Question and Answer period which I do not anticipate finding the time to translate anytime soon, if ever. You can find it at this page. And please be aware, always, that every message is backed up with sources and references (which I also have trouble translating) and you can see them highlighted in yellow within the text there. After the Q and A, Binyamin ends his message with the following...]

...I believe that in the coming weeks before Pesach [this was on 20 Adar], there will be very big news before Pesach. All the wars, and all these things only herald the redemption, so in a certain way, even though it's hard - this is good news.

End of Binyamin's message.

On March 26, 2015 [6 Nisan], Saudi Arabia and a coalition of regional states launched airstrikes against Houthi positions in Yemen in an operation called Operation Decisive Storm. The military coalition included the United States who was helping with the planning of airstrikes, as well as logistical and intelligence (spying) support. Other coalition states included Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Pakistan, Jordan, and Sudan who provided direct military support (airplanes). Initial strikes left 18 civilians dead and 24 other wounded, including women and children.

Initial reactions from Houthi spokesman Mohammed Al Bukhaiti called the military action a declaration of war on Yemen. Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif demanded immediate halt of the attacks, saying "Military action from outside of Yemen against its territorial integrity and its people will have no other result than more bloodshed and more deaths." Some analysts saw it in a broader context as a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia.    (Source)


  1. With all the messages we have been receiving, this one came for me at a very very good time, I feel better going into Pesach after reading this. Thank you Devash, while preparing for Pesach too! I am however puzzled by the 7,000 figure, that's all? Only 7,000 yidden?

    1. The source given is the Chesed l'Avraham on the Book of Kings (chapter 19) where it describes Eliyahu HaNavi confronting the prophets of Ba'al. Eliyahu complains to Hashem that he is the only one left and Hashem assures him that "...I will leave over in Israel seven thousand, all the knees that did not kneel to the Baal...." (See page 15/16 of Chesed l'Avraham online in English.)

      חסד לאברהם מ"ג נכ"ב ע"ש ור' בספר מלכים א' פי"ט לאחר מעשה אליהו בהר הכרמל והשאְׁרתי בְׁיִשרָאֵל שבְׁעַת אֲלָפִים, כל הַברְׁכיִם אֲשר לֹא ָכְׁרעו לַבעַל...'

  2. What happened to everyone who stood at Har Sinai?

  3. "we have a tradition that only 7,000 Jews will greet our righteous Mashiach". Source?

    If this were ever true, it definitely isn't true today. The world has changed, drastically since WW2, and by all accounts for the better.

    If you want people to recognize the truth - talk positively, engage with them, help them do a mitzvah, learn some Torah with them, teach them about Moshiach and Geulah!

    1. Answered above.

      "...by all accounts for the better"? Certainly NOT by ALL accounts. This may be your opinion, but it certainly is not borne out by reality.

      I think only Hashem reveals the truth to those who have proven themselves worthy to hear it ("If you search for it like silver and like gold...") We just make it available to those who are already looking. And the impulse comes from the inside, not the outside.

    2. I agree with you Devash, I think this message is right on like usual. However, I believe more than seven thousand will make it. I will pray that even most of us will make it. HaShem is full of mercy and bound to save more of us. Us begging him to save us will not go in vain. I just wish more of us would wake up, I feel exhausted and hopeless from the site of how many of us are asleep. I feel sad.

    3. One of my teachers recently told me about the Hafetz Hayyim footage being discovered. He told me that he predicted that the Third World War would begin seventy years after the second. That means this year is it.

    4. Real Breslov, I couldn't find a source for that seventy years, but seventy years from May 8, 1945 is 25 Iyyar 5775. I expect the war here to begin sometime in Iyyar anyway because 1948 and 1967 were both 'redemptive' wars and they both occurred in Iyyar - 5th and 28th. I sort of expected it to split the difference and maybe happen mid-month on the full moon of Iyyar. The Hebrew name of that month is Ziv - Brilliance - and the moon, which represents Israel, is at its full brilliance on the 15th of the month. Then, there is my dream from 2004 about a missile war from Iran on Eretz Yisrael at the full moon...

    5. Interesting, thanks! Just in time for my birthday, hehe. We'll see what happens. Who knows, it could start years later yet. We could all be wrong.

  4. Agree with TrachtGut. The good things must materialize but the bad, not needn't . Common sense tells us that the evil ones will all disappear, but the true yehudim and the righteous of the nations will survive. Other than the truly wicked ones, the world has reached a higher level of civilization where the average person is on a higher level than those of millenia ago. Only H' knows the answers. Olam chesed yibaneh. Also, what is bothersome was him saying that parents, spouses, family and loved ones will have no meaning to one another in Olam HaBah. That makes no sense whatsoever. Our geneologies, ancestry and lives were not for nought. To think otherwise is quite depressing. Boruch

    1. "...the world has reached a higher level of civilization where the average person is on a higher level than those of millenia ago."

      Our rabbis teach the opposite.

    2. Who is saying the wicked won't be destroyed and the righteous won't survive? Gog uMagog is a GOOD prophecy. It is about HaShem's revenge on the nations. Don't be such a pacifist. It is sleepers like you who keep others asleep and prologue all of our suffering. After the evil is destroyed once and for all, then a world of hesed will be built.

  5. To both Devash and Real Breslov: Definitely am not a pacifist and know very well that all the evil and evil doers will be destroyed and may it be b'karov. Could be I didn't make myself clear. Devash, when I said civilization is at a higher level, did not mean we Jews. Of course, we will merit the Geulah because we are standing on the shoulders of our holy ancestors. We are at the lowest. But humanity, in general, has reached some point of refinement through the centuries, but the wicked ones are reincarnations of the original wicked amaleikim, Nimrod, etc. who have an agenda all of their own. Just don't understand the part where Binyamin writes that there will be no reconnection with loved ones. This is how I understood what he wrote. Maybe you can clarify it, Boruch

    1. He didn't say there would be no reconnection with loved ones. There certainly will be, but not as children/parents, etc. In a different gilgul you might have been your own parent's parent! When we have full knowledge of who we really are, we will know each other in a much deeper way - on a soul level - and the relationship that we had here won't be necessary anymore. All of us will relate to each other equally and it won't be sad or upsetting because we will have full understanding which we lack now. Does that help clarify it at all?

      Please, don't worry about it now and don't let it get you down. Everything Hashem does is for our truest good. Just trust HIM. If it will be, it will be good!

  6. It is getting very very close to the geulah. Look at what is going on and what the neviim have been saying. We need to take on a big mitzvah like shmiras haloshon and show Hashem we are.ready.
    I have been explaining to yidden the Moshiach concept and mitzvos. Very important.

  7. Will people still get married during the Messianic Era?


    1. I don't know. When Binyamin talks about ascending, he's talking about a process, just like redemption has been a process of many years. I mean if GoguMagog can take a hundred years, who knows how long before we will reach the level he is talking about. I think that in the beginning it won't be so different from now. I mean we also know that techiyat hameitim doesn't happen all at once. First a few and then more over time until it's everyone. It will probably be the same with the return of prophecy. First, only a few very worthy individuals and increasingly more until the entire nation is at that level. But, then again, after yetziat Mitzrayim, it only took 50 days to reach the 50th level, right? And the whole nation was worthy to receive the Torah at that time. But, we see that afterwards, until the incident with the eigel hazahav, life was still 'normal' as regards physical life. We won't know until it gets here, but know this... There is absolutely nothing to dread about it!! Hashem is all good and does only good for us!! Whatever will be, even if it should seem strange to us now, when the time comes, we will be happy and satisfied and at peace with our situation. Hashem loves you more than you can imagine and He has been storing up the best possible good for you all your life. He is anxious to give it to you. Look forward to that with joy and not with any kind of dread that you will be sad or regretful. This is just the evil inclination trying to rob you of the positive feelings this message should be generating in your soul!

  8. Thank you very much for this, Devash. And your reply to Mike is spot-on emuna.

    It's comforting to know that the 7000 mean Eretz Yisrael specifically, not worldwide; And that negative prophecies don't need to come true.
    But if it will come true, then I don't know whether I will be zocheh to be one of the 7000, but that's not why I made aliyah anyway. And I guess none of us came to Eretz Yisrael to try to save our physical lives, but for other deeper reasons.

    Anyway, there is always techiyat hamatim to look forward to for those of us who don't make the 7000 cut.

    I'm thinking the terrible Sasson tragedy is also part of what he describes here.

  9. BE, I recently wrote a blog about the idea of Gog uMagog being only spiritual. http://realbreslov.blogspot.com/2015/04/eliyahu-on-gog-umagog.html