21 April 2015

Moishela: "The Seven Pure Korbonos"

2 Iyyar 5775
Day 17 of the Omer

Before you begin to read Moishela's message, I just want to clarify something. When mention is made of Hashem taking innocent lives as korbanot for the sins of the community, it is in no way  to imply that these pure souls are being punished for the sins of others or that, G-d forbid, their deaths can atone for the sins of the community. We already know from the Holy Torah that this is untrue. But, do the innocent die as a consequence of the sins of the community? No question.

What Moishela seems to be describing below is a situation where sin is running rampant in a community and must be called to account. It's like the children all running around and screaming and can't hear their Father shouting at them to stop. In order to get their attention, the Father decides to do something drastic before a greater tragedy can occur, so he calls out the innocent bystander and it shocks all those engaged in the mayhem into silence so they can finally hear what the Father is trying to tell them. If you want to send a message, you have to start with those who can already hear you. And if you want to send a message about teshuvah, you start with those who don't need to do teshuvah, so those who do will get the mesage while there is still time to do something about it.


Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child 5775 #4
4 Nissan 5775 (Mar 23, ‘15)

The Seven Pure Korbonos

Oy, oy, oy, what a terrible tragedy. When will the suffering end? When will Moshiach finally come? It’s beginning to be so so difficult to wait, so difficult day after day, tragedy after tragedy, to wait and to wait and to wait. We Daven every day, several times a day, that Moshiach should come. Where is he? Where is he? How much suffering? How often can we listen to a father’s cry? “I had so much hope for these children. I had so much hope for their future,” he said crying hysterically, but he added, “I trust Hashem and I know that everything Hashem does is for our good. I have Bitachon in Hashem and I have no Taanos.” Where does a man, where does a Yid get so much Koach in the deepest sorrow of his whole life, a sorrow that most people never feel? How could he have so much trust in Hashem and how could we have so little? These Korbonos, these perfect Korbonos, had no blemish on them. They were perfect. They were put on the Mizbayach for our sins, not for theirs, not for the sins of their parents, for our sins, for Am Yisroel’s sins.

You look at me and ask, “What sins do we have? We do so much Chessed. We learn Shmiras Haloshon every day. We try to be good Jews. We Daven. We learn etc. How could you say it’s because of our Aveiros?” I say it again it’s because of our Aveiros, not their Aveiros. They had no Aveiros. They were perfect. How can you say that Am Yisroel is so full of Chessed when everywhere I look there is anger one against the other. There’s cheating. There’s Gezel. There’s every Aveirah imaginable, almost. How can you say that we are clean of Aveiros, that Am Yisroel is clean of Aveiros when everybody is at everybody’s throat, when Tznius is at its lowest it has ever been. I don’t think that Am Yisroel has ever been so low in their Tznius, in their Kedusha, not everyone of course, but so many. It’s hard to walk in the streets. You can’t look not to the right, not to the left. You can’t look up. You can’t look down. Everywhere there’s Pritzus, Frum Pritzus. I’m talking about the Frum streets not the Chiloni streets or the Goyisha streets. I’m talking about the Frum streets. I don’t know how any Avreich can walk down Malchei Yisroel or Rabbi Akiva or 13th avenue or Stamford Hill or Golders Green etc. without seeing what he is not supposed to see. Even if he keeps Shmiras Einayim, even if he looks down, he sees their feet with high heels with sheer stockings. He looks to the right and he sees people half undressed or very tight clothes. If he looks up he sees women hanging out of windows talking, yelling, bringing full attention to themselves, but no one thinks it’s wrong. Everyone thinks its Yiddishkeit. I’m sure that if our former Gedolim would have now Techias Hamaisim they would run back to their graves because they would be afraid to be spiritually tarnished. What can I tell you? A tragedy like this on such a special Shabbos, how could we deny it’s a message from Hashem?

We learn Shmiras Haloshon, but what is happening? What is happening to us Am Yisroel with all this Machlokes with all the Machlokes specifically among the “learners”, the ones that sit and learn Torah every day? The Machlokes that produces fist fights among the so-called Erlicha Bochurim, violence that has often brought many of the people involved serious injuries, Machlokes that very often looks more like drunken brawls than anything even close to “Leshem Shomayim”. What’s with us Am Yisroel? You are angry that someone doesn’t want to vote? What do you care? It’s not so simple to vote. However the true fight between the two sides has nothing really to do with voting or any other legitimate reason. Underneath it all it’s just a fight to control. One Gadol said like this, another Gadol said like that, and who are we to decide which one is the greatest Gadol? Very dangerous to get into a fight between two Gedolim. Do what your Gadol wants, but don’t try to destroy another Yid because his Gadol Hador says something else. What’s happened to us?

We’re holding on tight to the tail of the Egel Hazahav and that’s what we’re interested in. We dress him up in a Yarmulka and Tzitzis and we say look he’s Frum. The Egel Hazahav is Frum. It’s a Mitzvah to worship him. He’s a Shaliach from Shomayim Chas Vesholom. It’s a mitzvah to worship him! Oy, Am Yisroel, Oy, Am Yisroel, how are we going to stop these terrible, terrible tragedies. Those children were born to be a sacrifice for us. This was their job in life, but what is our job in life? We have to come closer to Hashem. We have to shed all of this nonsense that we’ve layered ourselves with. We have to stop criticizing other Jews because they are trying to be close to Hashem, or laughing at them because they have taken on more Frum ways.

I warn you Am Yisroel, I warn you clearly there is going to be a great upheaval in the world and that upheaval is going to destroy much of the world. Where do you want to be? Where do you want to find yourself? We’ve spoken for years about a third world war, about all that was going to happen financially and even the greatest of the economists are warning about a devastating crash in the financial world, but not just the financial world, also in the world of just plain everyday life. We’re going to see and already are seeing tremendous inflation that will eventually destroy the economic base of the whole world. You cannot imagine how many intelligent, well educated people in economics are saying that this is going to happen and its part of our Nevuas as well. So Am Yisroel don’t you think its time to prepare? Don’t you think it’s time to get off your Egel Hazahav and sit down on a chair take a Siddur and cry and cry and say Vidduy and beg Hashem to forgive us and then decide to dedicate all of your life, every single moment of your life to Kiddush Hashem, to getting closer to Hashem, to doing what Hashem, wants His Ratzon all day long 24/7.

What else can I tell you that I haven’t said? If we want to stop the terrible tragedies, we have to shape up. All Am Yisroel has to shape up and get ready for the Geula Sheleimah because whoever does not get close enough to Hashem to see the truth, at least the truth that we can see in this world with all the Hester Panim then when you get to the time of Moshiach, which is going to be very soon you won’t be able to tolerate Olam Habah of Moshiach. It will be so strange to you. You won’t be able to take it because you don’t want to live like that because that it is the greatest Taanug, pleasure in the whole of existence just to come closer and closer to Hashem. That closeness to Hashem is the greatest gift, the greatest pleasure that we could ever know. Those who have no inkling what a tremendous gift from Shomayim this spiritual closeness to Hashem means, when they find themselves without their cars, without their makeup, without their Sheitels, without their tight clothes, without their movies, without their iPhones, and so on, they’ll think that they are in Gehenom. They’ll run away and disappear into nothingness. Oy Am Yisroel, Am Yisroel let’s go together, together all of us. Let us get ready together to walk into the world of Moshiach Tzidkainu, to the Olam Habah of Moshiach. We now have time to get ready for the greatest salvation, The Yeshuah Sheleimah. Remember very few will survive.

Tatti: Why did this tragedy happen in the United States of America?

Moishela: The United States of America since its creation in 1776 has become the greatest nation in the world. There was never as much Gashmius in any country in the world as the Gashmius achieved for almost every citizen in the United States of America. However because of that Gashmius people are dying and The United States of America is dying. It’s not going to be the stars and stripes forever any more. Its finished. One man walked in, took over the presidency, the last of a chain of traitors to the American ideal and is destroying the Unites States of America systematically. However this is the punishment for the Egel Hazahav that they so believed in. The American public became decadent and they became wild and they became without bounds and this is all because of this terrible Gashmius. But worst of all it has affected the Frum community in the most terrible way in the most terrible way. Most of the Yidden that are Frum (I am not talking about the non-Frum because they have been really affected in the most horrible way, worse than the Chareidim), the Chareidim have taken this Egel Hazahav and placed it next to the Torah, Shelo Naida. We’ve turned much of our Yiddishkeit into Goyishkeit but we still wear Tzitzis and we still put on Tefillin and we still keep Shabbos and Kashrus. The standards, however are extremely low in most cases and it has become just a Churban, a Churban Habayis. This plastic Yiddishkeit has been exported to the whole world from the United States of America and therefore it’s time that the Yidden in America that do want the truth, start looking for it and not be embarrassed or afraid of what the society is going to say about them.

Tatti: Why did the tragic reminder happen to innocent children?

Moishela: The children were taken because they are the purest. The children are the purest pure sacrifices. It grabs everybody’s heart. It tells people that we better shape up. We better start thinking. If it was someone eighty years old or even fifty years old or even twenty years old it wouldn’t have the same effect on us. However these pure sweet little children dying in such a horrible way, that catches our attention. Nothing else catches our attention. We’ve become very cold and calculated in our Gashmius direction.

And I want to tell you that I’m so glad that long ago we moved here, because if not I cannot tell you for sure if we wouldn’t also be Korbonos, Chas Vesholom. I want to tell you something else. We are a good example of what I was talking about. We were also caught with the Egel Hazahav. We came to Eretz Yisroel for idealistic purposes and Boruch Hashem from almost the moment that we got here, we started to change for the better. I wasn’t yet in this world when you came, but in spirit I was. I knew that I would have a job here with you and Boruch Hashem you came in time, just in time thirteen and a half years ago, just the right time. The symbol of the gates opening, leading us to this time in history was the destruction of the Twin Towers. When the Twin Towers were destroyed, it was to show that Hashem was declaring war on the Egel Hazahav. The Twin Towers were the greatest representation at that time of the Olam Hazeh. I thank Hashem for sending us here. I thank Hashem that I was born in Eretz Yisroel and even though the Egel Hazahav is flourishing here in Eretz Hakodesh still the Shechina and the Kedusha is available to any Yid that wishes to connect to it and this is not in accessible to us in any other place in the world. I thank Hashem also that we don’t have to be Korbonos and I Daven very much that our family together with all Am Yisroel will be Zoche to greet Moshiach Tzidkainu, Im Yirtzeh Hashem. Then nobody will be handicapped not me, not anybody, not in body, and not in soul, not me, not anybody!


  1. So much chizuk! Thank you for posting this. I heard yesterday that Rav Wosner ztz"l appeared to his son in a dream and said that after Shavuos, there will be a war and moshiach will come. But my son told me we aren't allowed to say when Moshiach is coming.
    Anyway it has to be soon, please Hashem, because as Moishele said the priztus is so bad in (especially chareidi) frum neighborhoods. I changed my levush and people look at me like I'm nuts for wearing tznius clothing- In a chareidi neighborhood! What's happening!? I see religious women wearing vinyl! Black vinyl! They look like they just need a Harley Davidson patch on that skirt and they'd fit right in at a biker bar! Oyvavoy! We are so distant from real yiddishkeit that people throw eggs and mock women for wanting to cover up and claim that a shawl is pritzus- even though it used to be a minhag. I pray we are able to wake up before the next tragedy.

  2. You are not alone BE in a MO shul in my town, a woman who is very righteous wore a black leather skirt - above the knees- with Spike- heeled knee high black leather boots. It's a strange phenomena in that it's almost as if they are unconscious of what they are doing. There's a bizarre disconnect

  3. I have a friend from LA that said "oh that's how all the prostitutes dress in LA" after a woman passed by us dressed just like that.
    It is really sad when women don't realize that their beauty is not external. It's only from being tzanuah.