28 April 2015

Rabbi Mizrachi and the Nepal Earthquake

9 Iyyar 5775
Day 24 of the Omer

The rashaim hate Truth with a great passion.

Hat tip to Yaak for sending me a link to a Forward article condemning Rav Yosef Mizrachi for saying the following on his Facebook page under a picture of the ruins of a Buddhist temple...

"All the idols worshiping places in nepal are now destroyed"

The attacks were immediate and hateful.  This simple statement was turned into an expression of "glee" at the deaths of thousands of people. In his own defense, Rav Mizrachi tried to clarify himself...

"no one said here anything about the people that died no one said that they happy they died just that hashem destroyed the places of idol worshiping why do you try to make noise out of nothing why it bother you so much that hashem does what the torah said to do why do you think that you are sheriff of the world you are nothing but a moser that lo mitztaref le minyan (if you were a man) pure erev rav"

My own response follows...

Anyone who has any problem with what the Rabbi posted is disconnected from authentic Torah Judaism. There is no greater crime in the world than to worship false gods while enjoying the beneficience of the Creator every day of your life. You think it's ever an accident of nature when something like this happens? There are NO ACCIDENTS in this world. ALL is by the design and the will of the Creator. Stop trying to make Him over in your image and understand that it is you who is the creature and NOT HaKadosh Baruch Hu! We have an obligation to question why tragedies happen because they are connected to our actions which need correcting. if we make the appropriate changes, we can prevent future tragedies! If you can not accept this simple Truth, you are in worse trouble than the Nepalese right now.

According to the experts, this earthquake happens every 60-70 years. It had been 80 years since the last one, so they had 10-20 years grace period to stop the idol-worshiping. If they would repent of their crimes against the Creator, it could have been delayed indefinitely. But, no."The earthquake struck as Nepal was holding a centuries-old ceremony dedicated to Avalokiteshvara...." (Source: CNN) It's a mitzvah to tell a sick person how to get well, if you know the cure. And a kiddush Hashem as well!! This should serve as a warning to others to give up their evil ways before the punishment comes to them. Or had you not noticed - with all the laws and police and prisons - that this world operates on the spiritual promise of reward and punishment. No one wants to be reminded of it, but it's true!

Sadly, very many Jews have assimilated "Western values" which puts "happiness" as the goal of this life. And anything which impinges on this goal is to be shunned at all costs. Nothing could be further from the Truth of the holy Torah. And yes, the great majority of those who call themselves Jews today are from the Erev Rav and they will very soon disappear from reality.

It's also what I would have commented to the Forward article, too, if comments had been possible.

I'll go a step further. I don't believe we should be sending Jews outside of Eretz Yisrael to 'minister' to the needs of the victims. It would be questionable in my mind even if there were no one else to help, but of course, they are already getting massive amounts of help from the many gentile nations and don't really need our help at all. The main motivation for the State of Israel to send teams is to curry the love and favor of the nations. That's a Hillul Hashem not a Kiddush Hashem.


  1. Firestorm over ex-MK's thoughts about the gay men who hired surrogate mothers for the babies now being extricated.

    Feiglin took issue with the uniformly uncritical and adoring way Israel's media has been covering the plight of gay parents who were stranded with their newborn babies in harsh conditions, following the Nepal earthquake. These men hired poor Indian women to serve as surrogate mothers for their babies and then brought them to Nepal in order to give birth, because Indian law no longer allows gays to enter the country for the purpose of taking babies who were born through surrogacy.


    - a voice in the wilderness

  2. Yes, it's awful, the first rescue was for the babies born for gay men! I'll hold my comments not to say things unsavory.

  3. I just read the Forward article .... Talk about nasty! Shame thy didnt allow comments or I would have given them my 2shekel's worth.

  4. CDG, Yerushalayim28/4/15 11:07 AM

    I intend no glory to the names of idols when I say this...but did anyone notice that the transliteration for this one seems like a message in IVRIT?

    Aval Lo Ki Teshvara (I don't know what the Teshvara is, but it looks like Teshuva right now to me). But no because of Teshuva? or Shame on it because [you should do] Teshuva?

    Just a thought; not sure how salient it is.

    All the very best.

  5. Feiglin said it very nicely for me, (in a A7 article online) as one cannot leave links here.

    1. Why can't you leave a link here? "Voice" did.

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  7. For some reason it does not execute the paste command I've tried many many times but no go.

    On vozisneis an article stated that this might not be the 'BIG' one they were expecting. I'm worried about the Israeli rescuers in case there is another earthquake, even larger. Your comment abou not sending IDF rescue squads might be prophetic! ch"v

    1. Hardly anyone today takes seriously the injunction not to leave E"Y. When Jews go to these places for 'fun' or 'adventure' they should understand that they are at the mercy of the goyim who live there. Jews in E"Y have no obligation to come and get them unless they've specifically been sent as emissaries of the Jewish people. And that should be avoided as well.

      I don't know what to tell you about "paste". No one else seems to be having a problem with it.

  8. Go figure.

    "The Foreign Ministry said today (Tuesday) that dozens of Israelis have expressed their preference to stay in Nepal.

    They have opted to stay despite the collapsed buildings, lack of water and electricity, and the fear of additional earthquakes or aftershocks."

    - a voice in the wilderness

  9. It's very sad that the Rabbi was so misunderstood. But in this age we are in such a bilbul I'm not even surprised. Hopefully people will check out his website out of curiosity and find out who he really is and come to do teshuva - after all nothing is coincidental.

  10. This is a good example of the confusion over Torah principles, and the desperate lengths people go to in order to reconcile their galuth (exile) based beliefs with Torah.

    The Torah is not politically correct; it is absolutely correct!

    This may also be an example of those bearing the truth being shunned. (TB Sanhedrin 97a)

  11. Received by email...


    I do agree with you on the idol - worship but the Hebrew spelling is actually נפאל. Whether the earthquake happened due to idol - worship, we simply don't know and I leave it up to G - d and don't speculate.

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