22 April 2015

Baruch Hashem for the Shell Which Houses the Egg!

4 Iyyar 5775
Day 19 of the Omer

Like a chick developing within the protection of its shell, so is the Kingdom of Israel slowly, slowly developing and maturing within the klippah of the secular "western democratic" State of Israel.

Without 67 years of the State of Israel, we would not be anywhere close to the complete redemption today. There must be a body before a soul can descend to this world. In this case, there had to be a State before it can become a Kingdom again.

(Excerpted from "Who is the Messiah?" by Rabbi Aryeh Carmell)
...the first to predict the rise of a secular Jewish state as prelude to the coming of the Messiah is Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel of Prague (1525-1609) known as "Maharal", in his discussion of the rise of "the Kingdom of the Messiah".

Maharal affirms that the coming of the Messiah is not, as often thought a sudden event; it is a process. The "Holy kingdom of Israel" - Maharal's term for the reign of the Messiah will emerge from an earlier, non-holy kingdom.

The Midrash states: Just as Moshe, who was destined to break the power of Pharaoh, was brought up in Pharaoh's palace, so the Messiah, who is destined to settle accounts with Edom, will live with them in their city. The ultimate failure of the empire of Edom will give rise to a new and different kingdom- the Kingdom of the Messiah...

This is why Yaacov was born holding on to the heel of Esav (Bereshit 25:26).

Now, "the kingdom of Edom" refers to the last of the four empires of the world foreseen by Daniel (chapters 4-5): Babylonia, Media, Greece, and Rome. Rome, as world power, is long since dead and gone. But its heritage, Western Civilization, rules the world. Our Rabbis indicate that the kingdom of the Messiah will grow up in the context of Western civilization. Indeed, the parable of "the heel of Esav" signifies that the spiritual failure and moral bankruptcy of that civilization will be the catalyst for the coming of the Messiah.

2. So far Maharal - properly understood - has described how the kingdom of the Messiah emerges from the break down of Western civilization.
But this is not all. Maharal's vision is guided by veiled hints in the Midrash: the "Kingdom of Israel" itself undergoes development. In its immature stage it forms part of the Fourth Empire, and only when it reaches maturity does it throw off this attachment and emerge as "the holy kingdom of the Messiah". (Kingdom is, of course synonymous with "state".)

Maharal continues:
So long as the kingdom of the Messiah has not yet reached perfection, the kingdom of the Messiah is attached to Edom (nigar el Edom) ...The holy kingdom of Israel... must grow out of the non-holy kingdom that preceded it.
Maharal, in a telling parable, describes the relationship between the embryonic "kingdom of Israel" and its "Edomite" environment: Fruit grows within a husk; when the fruit ripens the husks falls off... So it is with Israel. Their kingdom emerges and grows from within the kingdom of the nations i.e., from the existential power of the kingdom of the nations, and from their level, it raises itself to a higher level. And when the kingdom of Israel reaches complete maturity the kingdom of nations is removed, just as the husk is removed, and falls off when the fruit reaches its perfection.

The Messianic revolution will take place in the hearts and minds of the people. The "falling off of the husk" does not refer to a political or military event, nor does "kingdom of the nations" refer to a political entity. The husk refers to the value system of the Western world. The falling off of the husk signifies the victory of spirituality over materialism, faith in G-d over unbounded trust in one's own power, and awareness of divine providence over belief in blind chance.

Yet it appears that the "kingdom of Israel" in its infancy (and here "kingdom" means both state and cultural entity) is still definitely "attached to Edom". Could Maharal, from his 16th century vantage point, be referring to the reality of the State of Israel today?
We are far from "independent." Either we are dependent on other nations or we are dependent on HKB"H. I and my house choose HKB"H! He never lets us down. With G-d's help and if He wills it, we will soon see the breaking forth of the renewed Kingdom of Israel and the secular State's purpose would have been served. Baruch Hashem!!


  1. Always understood that the rebirth of the 'state' was the prelude to the coming of Moshiach. Tried to explain to people that this was the natural way for H' to see our return as a nation/people back to Eretz Yisrael which was even approved by the nations. Also believe that since Oslo, the state had reached its lowest in that it has become just like Edom and maybe it has reached its climax, just before it separates from the husk. Let's pray that soon we will greet Moshiach; in the meantime, we are seeing the cleansing of H's world by all the natural disasters, wars, and, hopefully soon, the cleansing within our midst - the hitbolelut and all its foreign influences.

  2. יום קליפת הביצה שמח !

  3. This ties in perfectly to what has been widely published from a remez in Parshas Vayishlach, that Obama is the last president of the USA. What has not been widely published is that from this same text it includes a remez that Bush will be the second to the last king of Edom.


    1. Wow, independently we posted on this post at the same time. So you get Bush's last name from B'Eretz Se'ir. I have always had a question which I hope to ask Eliyahu HaNavi when he comes: Gog H.W. Bush Sr. was the gilgul of Esav himself. When Rabin tossed out 400 Hamas thugs into the 33rd parallel of Southern Lebanon, Gog condemned Israel on the first night of Chanukah as his last foreign policy act as President of the US in Dec. 1992. He was Esav approaching with 400 men the first pasuk of the 33rd pereq of Bereishit. That would make Gog son of Gog Bush Jr. Eliphaz who came against us over a 7 year period in the previous Shmittah cycle. Yet, the Obama is the real hybrid between Esav and Yishmael, no doubt about it. Yet according to the famous medrash, first Esav tries the alliance with Yishmael to chase of Ya'akov who is running away to Charan from Esav's wrath by marrying Yishael's daughter Machalath/ Basemath. Yishmael dies before he wedding. So Nevaioth gives Basemath in marriage to Esav. Then after the failure of plan A does Esav then send Eliphaz to accomplish this task. Yet, the order of their presidencies is the opposite. First came Eliphaz, and then came the Esav/ Yishmael hybrid. There are some who actually call Obama Re'uel son of Basemath. Now that would partially explain the order because Re'uel was born to Basemath after Eliphaz was born Adah the Hittite. Yet, the actually events of the medrash itself are reversed. First Esav tries his alliance with Yishmael, and then he sends Eliphaz. So perhaps Obama is, amongst many other things, Re'uel after all.

  4. I don't believe that I am too late yet, since Hey b'Iyar which is today, Friday, is the real date of the Birth of the lowly Medinah. We just celebrated it yesterday so that secular Israelis don't continue to BBQ after sundown today. Happy Birthday Qlipot!!

  5. A peculiar but significant juxtaposition of events: The last moment that Netanyahu will be given to form the 34th Govt. of Israel will be in the evening of the 7th of May 2015, THE 34th day of the Counting of the Omer! If he forms a coalition of the Yamin, the world of nations will try to kill him, and an unformed Mashiach ben Binyamin/ Yosef will emerge from his shell. He meets the entire yichus description in Zecharia 12:12-13 according to the Ibn Ezra who says that the House of Nathan at the end of Days will be a known house/family whose Nathan moniker will be known at the time. Try this Nathan on for size
    Now that he is being compared to Mordechai in his war against the "deal" agreed on with Iran on the 13th of Nisan, he is the spiritual inheritor to the goral of Shimi ben Gera, the nephew of Shaul HaMelekh.
    I have already determined that his mother was a bat Levi, last name Segal. I have been told that Netanyahu is a Levi too. I am trying to get the verified before I write a definitive post. If he signs a deal with the menuvalim instead, secular Zionism of both the right and the left will be officially dead, and we get Zecharia 14 instead.

    1. I don't believe a word of it. Netanyahu is Erev Rav, as we know lineage means nothing as long as Erev Rav souls reincarnate into Jewish bodies.

    2. I just have two questions dealing with that. 1. If he is from the Erev Rav, why is he so hated by most Western leaders? They have a visceral hatred for him. We can start with Sarkozy and Obama but it goes far beyond just those two. Hollande didn't even want to invite him to his Paris March against Terror, and we know the French are waiting to introduce their resolution to divide Eretz Yisrael as soon as Bibi forms a Govt. with the right (if that is what actually happens). And New Zealand is waiting to introduce punitive measures against us too if Bibi forms that right wing govt. They really hate him with the exception of one Western (Edomite) leader, Stephen Harper who actually likes Bibi.

      2. The Medrash Sefer Eliyahu seems to indicate that the last leader of Israel acting on behalf of the West (Edom) in Eretz Yisrael was TRMLO (Olmert). Then there is a veiled reference to Sarkozy in the discussion of the Tana'im in the same medrash with no mention or reference to Netanyahu at all.

      At the very least he is an enigma. At worst he is like Achav whose love of his country was unquestioned even if he had a deep rishut against all things spiritual. Yet, he was unquestionably from Shevet Ephraim. Yet, on that level, it seems that Bibi does not hate spiritual people at all. He just doesn't think that spiritual people should be in positions of real power. I will patiently wait for your answer.

    3. Dov, I love you, but, your saying that Western leaders have a "visceral hatred" for Netanyahu doesn't necessarily make it so. That's a purely subjective judgment. I can't stand Bibi Netanyahu! But, Binyamin Golden says it's all an act for public consumption anyway. Regardless, this is not a criteria for determining who is Erev Rav and who is a real-Jew.

      The two clearest indicators of the Erev Rav are 1) they want to mix us with the nations 2) they have no pity on Jews. Bibi Netanyahu established the Christian Allies Caucus in the Knesset which is working for Christian "aliyah" to Israel and he named Shlomo Riskin (another big Erev Ravian) Israeli Ambassador to the Christian world. It was on his watch that Kever David was handed over to the Pope and he voted for the Gaza Expulsion and froze Jewish building and is tearing down Jewish homes and synagogues with no remorse whatever. That's EREV RAV.

      Besides, we were already told that the last government would be all Erev Rav and in case, you didn't notice it, that' s what happened in the last election. The only two real-Jews in the government were removed from it by yad Hashem - Moshe Feiglin and Eli Yishai. Now, it's ALL Erev Rav and it can fall. And good riddance!

      PS: Although I'm convinced of my own view, it's still just my opinion based on what I know and see. Still highly subjective. Neither of us can be sure we are right at this point.

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    1. Did you see THIS?

      And a "dream" is likely ALL it is.