29 April 2015

A Tale of Another Big 'Fall'

10 Iyyar 5775
Day 25 of the Omer

This was brought to my attention yesterday when the first reports of the spacecraft's trouble docking with the ISS were first reported. Looks like Hashem is sending the final warnings for this world in big and dramatic ways in order to really get our attention. The trouble is, most people fail to see Yad Hashem in every circumstance and loudly criticize those who do.

Falling to Earth: unmanned Russian spacecraft 'has nowhere else to go', says official

Although the Russians are still trying to save the craft, unofficial reports indicate that it seems a hopeless endeavor. However, there appears to be no danger as this spacecraft is routinely allowed to burn up in the atmosphere when its mission is complete; unless, that needs to be accomplished in a controlled manner. No word has as yet been issued about any danger on the ground.