"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

15 June 2014

Daniel: "This Time It's For Real"

18 Sivan 5774

Communication with Daniel
Jerusalem, Nisan 5774

Abba, get ready! Get ready, Abba! This time, it's for real!

For many years, we've prepared. We felt inside that it was time for the redemption.
We waited and we waited, day after day. And redemption didn't come.
We were sad. And we felt that it won't finish.
It's just waiting, waiting and waiting.

But, Abba, if you look well, you will feel that we are really at the door. Really, really.

I know that much more sorrow and suffering is waiting for us, but in the end, we'll get to it.

End of the pregnancy, end of the labor - it's always the hardest. But, I'm certain that we will get through this, Abba, and we will reach what we've been waiting for almost two thousand years, the complete redemption.

I'm very worried. Because, even though we are at the door, the majority of the Jews are asleep. Most Jews do not even perceive where we are in history. And we're almost there, our dream of so many years is almost coming true. So little before we are free men, when we need resourcefulness, and to have a clear head in order to reach the end whole - precisely now with most Jews, the head is not working. They don't understand. They're living in a dream. They're in a coma, or wandering around like zombies, without life, without a path. Just with This World. Prisoners within the world of falsehood.

And this really scares me, Abba, scares me so much. I want that all Am Yisrael will reach the complete redemption, but Abba, according to the situation today - it doesn't appear so. On the surface - it doesn't appear so at all. And it scares me a lot.

I know that Hashem is All-powerful, and I think about it day after day, and understand nevertheless, that Hashem will powerfully compel the Jews whose souls are really Jewish souls who stood at Har Sinai even if they are full of insolence and sins, He will clean them and bring them to the complete redemption whole and clean from all sin. But, it won't be easy.

What's the difference between a real Jew, clean, and an Erev Rav, Amalek, or etc? It's true that everyone is born with an evil inclination. And what is the evil inclination? The snake! And the Erev Rav, 'Amalek,' Edom,. Eisav, etc... They are all from the root of the snake.

And it's true that for every Jew and for every Erev Rav, there is good as well as bad, but a real Jew is built differently than a gentile or a Jew who is Erev Rav. It's true that he has sins and it's true that sometimes it's possible to think that he is Erev Rav or Amalek or etc - but, the difference is very great. A real Jew - he is basically pure because he stood at Har Sinai and accepted the Torah. He felt that HKB"H lifted the mountain over his head, he felt the connection with HaKadosh Baruch Hu, he got through the Egyptian exile, he got through the servitude of Egypt, and he went out a free man.

On the other hand, the Erev Rav who are connected to you don't feel it. They have not gone through it. And they weren't among the seventy souls that went down from Canaan to Egypt with Yaaqov Avinu ... And this is a very, very big difference.

There's nothing comparable to the ability of a real Jew to overcome his evil inclination, unlike the others, because in fact, the real Jew is basically clean and pure. Indeed, during life, we sully the soul because we were born with an evil inclination within us, but we have much more power and possibility to get rid of it, because it's not a part of our essence.

But, a Jew who is born with the basis of the Erev Rav has almost no ability to eliminate his evil inclination, despite having parts of the good inclination. And in the end - he can't reach spiritual wholeness like a real Jew. A Jew must fight his evil inclination and if he does not fight, Hashem will compel him to fight, will make him understand.

When Bnei Yisrael went out of Egypt, the Erev Rav joined with them. They did not accept the Torah upon themselves, and through the generations, they turned into a part of Am Yisrael and were 'like Jews.' The real Jews picked up the bad qualities of the Erev Rav - immorality, pursuit of materialism, pleasure and the golden calf, etc. But, the bad qualities were never part of Am Yisrael.

In the complete redemption - HKB"H will take the evil inclination out of the Jews and make us do full teshuvah, and we will leave Egypt again. But this time - Hashem will completely uproot the snake from within us, and we will be freed completely from the not-good desires. Everything about the Erev Rav, the Amalekites, and the Edomites will fall. They will disappear, and we will receive Mashiach and go out from slavery to freedom like real and whole free men.

Question: Why is it so important to get rid of the evil inclination more before the complete redemption?

Answer: At the moment that the complete redemption arrives - you can't change. It's impossible to return in teshuvah. No one can enter the complete redemption with the evil inclination, because it's a world without the evil inclination, a world of holiness and purity, of the best spiritual things, and there's no place there for the evil inclination.

The righteous will go to the next world with Mashiach - and the wicked will disappear.

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