18 June 2014

Binyamin: "The Last Crusade"

20 Sivan 5774

The following message was given on the 26th of May when the Pontiff was in Israel.

Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 26 Iyar 5774

We were witnesses today to the last crusade. The meaning of this is very simple. A thousand years ago or more, there were a hundred years when groups of Christians came from Europe to conquer Eretz Yisrael and to remove the Muslims. They did not succeed. They did succeed in killing many Jews along the way and making many, many problems.

And now, today, we see clearly that the head of the Catholic Church is planning to conquer Eretz Yisrael, or perhaps more correctly: the State of Israel. In my opinion - he already conquered it. But, he's doing it in another way. Instead of killing Jews, in a clear way, and instead of spreading hatred in the region, etc. he supposedly brings love... understanding. And he says that the Jewish religion and the Christian religion - are alike... and also Jews need to learn about Christianity... and they need to learn about Judaism... and in fact, it's one thing.

And this really is the way he intends to take over here completely. Although he is not the person planning all this, he is totally the player they put into this game. But, this is the program.

It pains my heart. I really just want to cry when I hear how the Jews bow down to him, how the Jews forget what it means to be a Jew and are ready to believe in what he is telling them about how we are 'alike'... And the chief rabbi received him kindly. How can it be?! They don't understand what they're planning...?! Oh well, the Prime Minister, oh well, the President, but the Chareidim?! Where are the Chareidim?!

Baruch Hashem, an announcement passed in the name of the gedolei hador that we need to go protest, Baruch Hashem. But, I'm scared about the seculars who believe all the speeches, that 'we're alike'... that we need to accept all these pilgrims who are coming to Eretz Yisrael in order to conquer it... How can it be?! How can we see this and keep quiet?! 

I want to say to you: Their plan - it's to take over this place. Their plan - it's to turn us into gentiles. Their plan - it's to sit here and rule over the world from here. And it's not just the Catholic Church, but they're at the top. They're leading.

You don't understand how much, how much they've already entered within our lives. Did you not pay attention how they wander around our streets...?! They're not here as tourists, they're here to conquer the place and to settle down here! Look how much construction there is in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem. I'm not talking about places like Migdal HaEmek. Here! They're building apartments here in Jerusalem. So, say: 'Good, we need apartments in which to live...' But the young people are not able to live in these apartments because these apartments are too expensive, they can't buy it. So, for whom is all this...?! Are they for the millions of Jews who are preparing to come to the Land...?! Or perhaps it's for the gentiles who are able to come and sit here in the Land...?

The Land of Israel, the State of Israel - is full of gentiles. Whether it's the army or the Sudanese who are arriving. How can so many Sudanese arrive without somebody noticing...?! It's impossible! It must be that they permitted them to enter intentionally. And now they've sold Tenuva to the Chinese...

Question: What will they do with all of the workers...?

I believe that their plan is to keep the Jewish workers for awhile and slowly, slowly exchange them for Chinese workers. Because it's cheaper to bring Chinese here and to pay them pennies, because they are slaves, than to keep Israelis who only have demands, demands and more demands...

And so, according to their plan, we will have a multi-diverse land or state of various types. The head of the Catholic Church and those above him - want to turn this country, and especially Jerusalem, into an international city, an international country of various types, and from here, as I said, to rule over the world by means of a religion that will be a 'concoction,' a compound of Christianity, Judaism and especially idol worship.

And here in the Land - life would be relatively good. There is only one problem...  The group that really won't want it - it's the Chareidim. Because the Chareidim are holding fast to their Torah, and they won't be ready to abandon it, at least I hope not. So, what do we do?...

We must be strong, and trust in Hashem. They've already been coming down on us hard. Trying to force us to turn into good children, disciplined, who want to do what the State asks. For example, the law they made today that they won't give complete-income to avreichim, only for avreichim! They're not taking it from any other citizens. They're not taking it from the Sudanese... only from us. Only avreichim who learn Torah. It's not democratic. Not at all democratic. But, when did we ever think this place was democratic...?! It's communist! Only, we think it's democratic...

Therefore, we have to be strong, because the coming period will be very, very difficult, especially for those who don't play the game like they want. It will also be dangerous. But, it's forbidden for us to abandon the Torah even for a minute. That is the time to trust in Hashem and not to fall into their hands. It will be up to us to close ourselves inside our ghettos and not to acquiesce.

We must learn l'shem shamayim, as a tikun for all the years of materialism when many did not learn for the sake of Heaven or barely learned, just 'supposedly learned.' We have a large tikun now, but it's the last tikun. This is the last tikun. And like "The Last Crusade," also in this way it will not be successful. Exactly like all the previous times that they tried to conquer Eretz Yisrael which did not succeed for them, perhaps only at the beginning it 'seemed' to succeed, but in the end, Hashem will erase them. So, we also are in the last tikunim, and it's forbidden for us to miss the opportunity.

We have to come close to HKB"H, and trust in Him that if there is no food - He will give us, and if there is nothing for us to drink - He will give us, and if we have no clothes - Hashem will give us, He will take care of us. He will take care of everything for us. He is All-Powerful, and no one else. We must live solely al kidush Hashem. We've arrived to this time now that will be very, very hard. But here in the Land - it will be better still than abroad. There, they will suffer much more than us.

But, I have a responsibility to tell you, and I only want to say to you again: "Please, Am Yisrael! Come close, come close to HKB"H! Come close to HKB"H  - and don't leave Him. Hold onto Him with all your strength. Learn Torah, do mitzvot, come close and come close to the truth. And don't leave. Love every single Jew. Don't be involved in all the dirt of This World, of the Eigel Hazahav. Clean ourselves up, purify our hearts and our thoughts. And be holy. We have a lot of work to do. This generation is in a very difficult situation, but with the will and with help from Heaven, we can purify ourselves and our streets and our homes, and Eretz Yisrael."

Am Yisrael, I beg of you, for your own good, please, don't forget my words. Many things that we've said we see that they're happening. The world, in just a little while, will be under the control of the completely wicked, and practically, it's already under this kind of control, but it's not yet so clear. We can't fight against them, we don't have the power, only HKB"H and his messenger - Our righteous Mashiach ben David. Only they can fight. Only HKB"H can stop them. Not us. But to protest - we must. And not to allow them, under absolutely no circumstances, to weaken our faith and trust and the mitzvot we are doing. Don't allow them. Only thus will we get through it in peace. Do not let them. Say: "No!" Say: "No further!" Try to get rid of all the unnecessary materialism, and just to be with Hashem.

In the near future, if we thought there was little money, then there will be much less money, and we will live exclusively with miracles. At first - perhaps it won't be so understandable, but it won't take much time until the real Jews will understand that, all told - it's all miracles. And only miracles that Hashem can do - and no one else. Therefore, we have nothing to fear. If we trust in Hashem - we will survive and receive our righteous Mashiach.

[Questions and Answers to follow, bl"n]

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  1. Beautiful. Wish this could get out to every true Jew. This has really been so obvious to anyone who wants to see and yet so many of our people are in the dark. Sometimes, it seems we are the stupidest people on earth because withour 'true Torah', the Jew cannot seem to function with clarity. Let's pray Jews awaken and realize that in E.Y., they are being led by many Erev Rav who have made pacts with Eisav/Edom & Yishmael and all they represent. Secular Jews everywhere who are more conservative will be able to understand more easily, but the others, let's pray for their return to the teachings of their ancestors.