25 June 2014

Binyamin: "The Last Crusade" - Questions and Answers (Part 2)

27 Sivan 5774

The following message was given on the 26th of May when the Pontiff was in Israel.

Communication with Binyamin

Jerusalem, 26 Iyar 5774

Question: It very much amazes me, how it can be that a Jew reads Psalms every day, and expects that King David will help him with his prayers and now, he won't wake up to the very thought that David HaMelech, alav hashalom, himself needs his help, how does he discount the shoulder-pulling and simply disregard the horror?!...

Answer:  The answer is, because people today are doing almost every thing, also in holiness, for the sake of their needs, and not for the sake of the needs of the gadol hador or the tzadik who is buried there. He needs certain things... He needs A, B, C, D,... Because he's suffering - so, he comes to the tzadik. Because he doesn't think that it can be that one like David HaMelech, alav hashalom, that from his seed comes Mashiach -  that his Psalms will help him. It's not getting through his head. He knows what he needs - and that's it. And aside from this - he doesn't want problems.

Question: So, what are we doing in order that people will open their eyes?

Answer: I want to tell you that things are going to be so confusing and so difficult, and the majority of it will be mainly in the world, though we will also take some hits - but, it won't be like what will happen in the world and then, the Jews will open their eyes.

Look at what's happening in Europe. On the same day that we saw the Jews that were in the Jewish museum in Brussels - elections took place. The elections were for the general European government election as well as the Belgian government. And now, who got in? Mainly, the right grew very, very powerful, the Neo-Nazis! In the general European rule as well as the Belgian and that's scary. Murderers of Jews. Also in France, they murdered Jewish children. The most frightening. And there are very many Europeans who want to move, and they have nowhere to go - only to Israel, to Eretz Yisrael. Because where will they go? Every place is dangerous. And anyway, a real-Jew feels much safer in Eretz Yisrael. It's their place - how can it not be? They sense it in their soul.

Question: Where do the Arabs fit into this story?

Answer: The Edomites do not love the Ishmaelites. Pay attention to what they're doing. They're taking a place like Syria, and making like there's a "war" here between the Russians and the Americans and the Europeans.  And so, the Americans "support the rebels," and the Russians "give to the other side," and Paras (Iran) is giving also to Assad. It's a situation that appears like we have 'almost a world war' between the Russians, the Iranians and the Chinese against the Americans, the Europeans and the British. But, what's really going on? It's all a show. That's how they encourage the Arabs to kill each other themselves. And so, they don't need to work so much... They don't need to go to war. And so also the whole world accepts it... What do they care if the Syrians kill each other... Well, there is much news... But, it's impossible... Don't get involved really.

It's the same thing in Egypt, there they really comprehend that the Americans are making fun of them. But, the British - they raised up 'the Muslim Brotherhood,' and they were sent to overthrow Mubarak, and afterwards to make problems. And etc., and etc. It's like one-against-the-other. And this is what they're calling the "Arab Spring," because this is how this system passes from country to country. Thus they're making their war against Yishmael. Therefore, we're actually already in World War III. Do you understand?

Question: Actually, if so, they're eliminating the Arab authorities without going in...

Answer: Correct. Going in minimally.

Question: The Africans who are increasing recently in the area, isn't it part of this globalist agenda, to integrate the African-Christians here?

Answer: Most certainly. They're bringing not just Ethiopians. There are Ethiopians for whom it is possible to say that at some stage they were Jews, and they are perhaps Jews, but they are bringing those whom it's certain they are gentiles. And not only that, they're combining them now. You don't understand. They're combining them quietly. And they are exactly-Christians.

They want to turn this place into, for example, a symbol of the world-center of various-peoples-with-one-religion which they are creating now. And it's for this that they need to rule over all our holy places, including Mama Rachel, including Rashbi, including who-knows-what, apparently all of them.

And the IDF - indeed there are more groups there who are really Jews - but, to our great sorrow, it's full-full of gentiles.

Question: So, the people are actually just marching like sheep to the slaughter...

Answer:  Right, correct. Not all the people, but many. Most of the people - from all the years of secularism, and from all the determination to be like the gentiles, they simply lost their Jewish foundation, their Jewish feeling, and they only understand the language of the gentiles. That's not everyone, it's much. There are many who, with just enough of a drop of intention, a little care - and their Jewish heart will start to beat again.

Question: Did the Pope's visit to Eretz Yisrael teach us that a new era has begun in the world?

Answer: That he came - it's a symbol of a changing world. Now, he went home and said they should come to him 'to make peace.' But, this already says that the world is changing. That's it. The world tomorrow - it's another world.

Question: Regarding the earthquake that we had here in the Land not long ago, it's brought in holy books that this occurs when there are changes in the government?

Answer: It's all warnings. I think that they already changed the government, it appears to me that it's already a government of gentiles.

Question: Are we already in the nine months of evil rule that's before Mashiach as mentioned in the Gemara?

Answer: According to my reckoning, the nine months rule of the evil kingdom already started.

Question: In accordance with what we see in Chazal, the difference between gentiles and Am Yisrael is the acceptance of the Torah, the utter and complete acceptance. That while Bnei Yisrael said 'na'aseh v'nishmah' with no exception, everything in wholeness, as opposed to the gentiles who accept only what is convenient for them...

Answer: Correct, and therefore on this Shavuot, we need to connect again a connection with HKB"H, by way of the Torah, by way of mitzvot.

Until today - most of the people in the world - the majority had a pretty good life. They're not exactly waiting for Mashiach. It wasn't foremost at the moment. Not what they wanted now. They wanted to make a little more money... And they wanted some other vacation to travel...  And etc.  But now - it will be difficult for us, not without purpose. Then, everyone will be waiting for Mashiach, but only the real Jews. The others - can't understand this idea at all. They will be waiting for the mashiach of the wicked Because, also they, so to speak, 'are waiting for Mashiach.' But their mashiach will be like 'another type of mashiach.' This will be the connection. And we must be careful not to become confused. Those who do teshuvah now - they won't be confused. But, those who continue with the path of the Lie - they're liable to become confused. 

We need to return in complete teshuvah, to leave the eigel hazahav. And to pass our time exclusively in holiness. And that's what will save us. Because then - when we request from HKB"H to bring Mashiach - then he will hear us.


  1. "Then, everyone will be waiting for Mashiach, but only the real Jews. The others - can't understand this idea at all. They will be waiting for the mashiach of the wicked Because, also they, so to speak, 'are waiting for Mashiach.' But their mashiach will be like 'another type of mashiach.'"

    What mashiach of the wicked is he referring to?

    - The "one world religion" type messiah founded in order to both usurp and absorb Judaism or some secular pseudo-messiah figure?

    - Armilus (though Peres or Obama played that role)?

    - MBY whose potential murder after defeating our enemies will shake our faith further?

    Trying to reconcile with what he is saying with the notion I recall in some Jewish sources that like Moses and David (upon becoming King), Moshiach (either MBY or MBD) will not be immediately accepted by the Jewish people as their leader / redeemer.

  2. I really can't answer for Binyamin, but I would guess something like a world figure who promises peace and prosperity by all becoming one. And the Torah Jews will be the only ones to refuse thus making them the only obstacle to their plan and hence the enemies of mankind and this is what will precipitate GoguMagog. My opinion.

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  4. Devash: Agree with you. It's already in the works where they're trying to make a world religion, a mixture of religions. Too bad, they don't understand Judaism is not a religion - it is the Eternal Truth. There is no such word as religion in Torah; everything other than Torah is avodah zorah. Their moshiach is the complete opposite of our true Moshiach (Moshiach T'zdkeinu).
    Milchamah neged Hashem!

  5. Devash

    I see, for some reason it just comes across as sectarian (where one religious Jewish group's outlook triumphs over other religious groups outlook) rather than merely against a universalized one-world system.

    Yet there does seem to exist a notion amongst some segments of Jews (whether secular or religious) who subscribe to a sort of universalized "Abrahamism" where all religions are one (with even non-Abrahamic faiths such as Hinduism etc viewed as being of Abrahamic lineage via his concubines who were sent east) along with all other distinctions (national. ethnic, etc) though the main motivation amongst such Jews, like with the hold Socialism had on some Jews over a century before seems to be nothing more than a excuse for them to cast off their Sinaic burden as it were and finally be accepted by the rest of the world.

    Unfortunately while all of us wish to live in a peaceful utopian world, for a few Jews it does not entail that the Jewish redemptive version be 100% realized.

  6. Jesterhead45: True Torah Judaism does not interpret your version of universalism, if I understand you correctly. Torah teaches us that when our righteous Moshiach comes, he will be the representative (servant) for Hashem, Creator of the Universe. Moshiach will be king over the earth's rulers and all the nations(bnei Noach) will recognize that there is Only Hashem, no other. They will make pilgrimage to Jersusalem on Succot and pay homage to the G-D of all creation. There will be peace on earth and no more fear of any evils, physically or spiritually. Truly, the lamb will be able to live side by side with the lion. There will be the Jewish nation, all living in the whole Land of Israel, and the rest of the world living in their countries with the belief in the One and Only True G-D, Hashem. This is the Jewish belief!

  7. Also, adding to Jesterhead45's comment - to enlighten you about today's Jews and their opinions or theories - it must be emphasized that, unfortunately, most of world Jewry is completely ignorant of all things Jewish. To very many, r'l, chicken soup is their idea of Judaism. But, B'H, those who are sincere Torah learners, know and understand true Judaism and, thankfully, they are growing in numbers. There is only one Torah and the day will come where all true Jews will be united in heart and mind.

  8. Anonymous 26/6/14 5:21 PM & 9.24

    Not agreeing with that notion of universalism, merely my subjective interpretation of what secular or even some (not all) religious Jews (particularly the pro-dialogue / pro-interfaith types - yes they exist) and some non-Jews might subscribe to at heart when they envision universal peace on Earth (not that I agree with it).

    As for True Torah Judaism given the many seemingly contradictory outlooks / hashkafas and minhagim / customs of many feuding Jewish groups with their own leaders who each claim a monopoly on the truth, my issue is who represents True Torah Judaism?

    Are you defining True Torah Judaism based on a particular hashkafah / minhag that only a sole Jewish sect embodies over other Torah True Jewish groups who are no less faithful to traditional Jewish values or are you defining it based on all Jewish groups that adhere Torah Judaism?

  9. Jesterhead45: What I am trying to do is explain that all those 'denominations' (i.e., reform movement, conservative, reconstructionist, socialists, & all the isms you can think of) are all invalid! They have no connection to Torah/Judaism! Therefore, doesn't matter how they see or look at things. The evils of the isms derive from the Erev Rav within our midst and caused the Jews to sin. The only truth is in Torah and no matter if the true Torah Jew is an Ashkkenazi, Sephardi, Chosid, Mitnaged, Yeshivish or call it what you may, they all have ONE hashkafah (there are many ways of intepretation, but they are really all the same, as it all comes down from Sinai). Jews were thrown to the four corners of the earth and, therefore, have different customs, & thus was born the chosid, the mitnaged, the ashkenazi, sephardi, but the Torah is one, for the one real Jewish nation, and there is not an iota of difference in its true interpretation since receiving the Torah m'Sinai from Moshe Rabbeinu. So, you need to forget all the rest. Just rely on what a truly Torah, G-D fearing Rabbi teaches and forget the rest. Everything else has been the influence of the nations and its mores on the Jewish people over two millenia. (Our sages have foretold that in these days preceding the arrival of Moshiach T'zdkeinu, there will even be many so-called religious rabbis who are from the ErevRav, that is why we need to be careful. When you read of a too 'liberal' orthodox rabbi, 'beware'.

  10. Anonymous - 27/6/14 5:10 PM

    Then how do you reconcile on the one hand Torah True Jews who (even if they are not undying state loyalists) believe that for all its big flaws the reestablishment of Israel in its land is the first flowering of the Geulah process and the beginning of the end of exile (even if the Erev Rav is doing its best to undo it), yet on the other hand there are Torah True Jews (especially considering recent events) who believe the reestablishment of Israel in its land is a curse even if the 2nd of the Three Oaths was fulfilled (albeit insincerely by the nations) whilst the 3rd of the Three Oaths was outright violated (by the Nations considering the many millions of Jews who perished from Bar Kokhba to the Shoah)?

  11. Jesterhead45: Don't know where you got the idea about what my opinion of the rebirth of Israel (state) is. Of course, the state is all part of Hashem's plans as everything is from Shamayim. Who ever said anything about the birth of the State? H' works in mysterious ways and do believe this is the way we were able to come back home as a nation. Your topic was about Moshiach and my response is about the Jewish belief in Moshiach, which has nothing to do with other alien beliefs or even the non-Torah viewpoints of those within our midst. Here, you are speaking of chareidim, many of which are extremists and live in their own little world. Afraid many don't want Moshiach (like the spies in the desert who were happy living in the desert) and are in a way the other side of the coin of the Erev Rav (bad) who definitely are trying to withhold the coming of Moshiach. Forget about the three oaths, another phony reason, for holding up the geulah - that's been debunked and explained myriad of times. Between the Erev Zeir (extremists) and the Erev Rav, the battle continues, but in the end, it is H' who is pulling all the strings. Moshiach will be here much sooner than later.