22 June 2014

Binyamin: "The Last Crusade" - Questions and Answers (Part 1)

24 Sivan 5774

The following message was given on the 26th of May when the Pontiff was in Israel.

Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 26 Iyar 5774

Question: Askanim told me that they know of the existence of dozens of projects in various and diverse disciplines all run by means of various branches of evildoers. And the common goal is to destroy the Jews and Judaism. One of the objectives, for example, is to bring to the Land, to flood the place with a million gentiles, different nationalities, Sudanese and etc., and etc., in order to blur the Jewish identity of Eretz Yisrael. Likewise, there are projects, various programs to create arguments and disputes within the Torah-and-Mitzvot-observant community. They're operating on all fronts.

And it's not so secret. One of their heads recently said without hiding it, that now, finally, they're already operating inside the Chareidim, they have people who understand the spirit of things there and they have entered in there with all kinds of initiatives. They're proud of it. So, exactly what they are doing with the Arabs - they're doing also to us...

Answer: Correct, and this is what I wanted to explain to you. Look here, for whom are all these apartments?! It's not for Jews...! It's too many apartments. Much too many. Their plan - it's to bring to here very many gentiles and to make from this place a gentile place. Completely gentile. But, the moment that they will implement this and in the moment that in the government there will be a gentile-government, and it's already almost one, then Mashiach can come. We need to hold on and continue to draw close and to do teshuvah, and to clean ourselves, and to be holy.  'Kedoshim tihiyu' Hashem says to us - you shall be holy. We need to be holy. And this is what will save us.

Yes, we need, indeed, to say 'No' to all sorts of things that make demands on us, we need to stand and to live al kidush Hashem, but, in practice, HKB"H will do it, He Himself will make the great war, He Himself and our righteous Mashiach.

And if we will be clean and holy - then, it's possible to do it without fear. And if we won't be holy - it will be very hard. We really have to do teshuvah, real teshuvah, and to begin to live like Jews. That's our power. Because if we won't be righteous - then, how will we win? Because look here, we're not winners, Hashem does the job for us. And if we're not at a high enough spiritual level, and if we will fight, but afterwards return to our homes with the same nonsense - then what will that help us...?!

Question: The struggle here, I think - it's not something 'one-time.'  It needs to be something fundamental, and should come to the masses, not something small ... 

Answer: You're right, but what you don't understand - it's the size of the problem. Because it's not just Kever David HaMelech, the issue here is that this group of people who are already controlling the world and they're already controlling the strongest armies of the world, the American army, the Russian army, the Chinese army, the Europeans, the British, etc. And also the Israeli, correct, also this.

Now, they've decided that this is the place they want, not just Kever David HaMelech - but the total! And to fight against them - even with demonstrations, yes, we have to, and there are rallies that are taking place, and Gedolei-HaDor have said to go and I believe there will be people, but let's say we get a hundred thousand people, but anyway, what will they do? They will wait or they will bring an army. And it won't be simple. They're murderers. I'm only saying thus: Yes, we have to protest. The main thing you should know: To fight against them - it's like fighting against Rome. Because it's exactly Rome, exactly the whole philosophy of Rome.

How, if that is the case, can we fight the strongest? When we do teshuvah. If we do real teshuvah, and turn into Jews like Hashem wants, with trust, and faith, and all the things that Hashem requires from us, then Hashem will fight for us. He can finish them off in less than a second, all the evildoers with all their armies. I'm not saying not to make demonstrations, but you should know that they are very strong.  

And to make demonstrations - it's still not saying 'do teshuvah'... And these who are go to a demonstration - it's still not saying that they have stopped hating people, good Jews, who are trying to be close ones to Hashem, and that's not to say that they have stopped being occupied with things which are forbidden to them. It's not to say anything, it's just exactly this subject. It's also not always because it's pulling them, but, because it's 'action.' But, if we do teshuvah before then, or together with it do teshuvah, - then, it can save us completely, and totally erase these. And Hashem will do it for us - we just need to return to Him. And if we will return to Him - everything will be good for us.  

Question: We're starting to see in Am Yisrael Jews-with-heart who are starting to wake up - how can it really lead the nation to repentance? 

Answer: First of all, there is an awakening, but it's not all the groups. The largest main groups with the most roots - they're not moving. They're not ready to come and demonstrate. They surely heard the Head of the Church, and they're thinking: 'Why not?! There should be many pilgrims arriving here... tourists. It'll bring money... better for us...' They still haven't grasped the issue. But, who does comprehend...? Many ba'alei teshuvah. A lot of people who fought for their Judaism. Many people who in truth really believe in HKB"H. And not necessarily the regular Chareidim, although there are also Chareidim among them. But at this moment, if the rabbis said to go out to it - then that's something else. Something positive is happening here. But, it's not the last word, it's just the beginning, because we have another long way. Not years, but certainly, certainly months. And there will be much suffering and a lot of confusion.

To be continued...

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