01 June 2014

The Indomitable Shimon Peres

3 Sivan 5774
Day 47 of the Omer

I've lost track of how many awards Shimon Peres has taken, but there have been some memorable ones. Who can forget Peres standing with Rabin and Arafat - the Master of Terror and his two foremost enablers - to accept a joint Nobel Peace Prize in 1994. What an oxymoron. (A clear example of an "ox and a moron" - hamevin yavin.)

Now, he is set, at the end of this month, after a quick prayer meeting with Abbas and the Pope in a week from today, to go to Washington and collect he US Congressional Medal of Honor. Hey! Do they make one for Dishonor. I'll nominate him for that one!

By the way, I'd always heard that Peres means "vulture" in Hebrew, but I didn't know if it was a fact, so I typed פרס into Google translate and - no joke - it said "award." Go figure!

But, speaking of that prayer meeting, it's really going to be quite a historical event, cosmically speaking. How many times do you see the heads of Eisav, Yishmael and the Erev Rav all gathered together like this and supposedly to beseech the Almighty for "peace?" Make no mistake about it, they are up to something. They are always up to something - something no-good. If Shimon Peres is in the middle of it, you can count on it being "bad for the Jews."

For a real eye-opener, go read Column One: Shimon Peres’s legacy by Caroline Glick at the JPost. Even if you think you know how evil and rotten this man is, I guarantee that you will be repulsed anew by the revelations in this article which is headlined as follows:

The upcoming Peres-is-a-Superhero festival will just be the latest of the narcissistic, tasteless celebrations of this man, always choreographed expertly by Peres and his retinue of media groupies.

Here are some excerpts:

...Like his 80th and 85th birthdays, Peres’s 90th birthday celebration went on for a month. As the serving president, his last two monthlong benders cost the taxpayers millions of shekels and broke the budget of the President’s Residence.

All were replete with international celebrity guests like Nelson Mandela, Bono and Bill Clinton whom the press drooled over.

...And that’s the problem with Peres’s showboating. It’s always been all about him, never about us.

Peres’s popularity among the jet-setters never translates into international support for the State of Israel. Israel is but a prop for him – a means of securing the continued support of the beautiful people.

Actually, it’s worse than that. Peres’s international popularity has always grown in indirect proportion to Israel’s. The more Hollywood stars he adds to his collection, the worse Israel’s international isolation.

...Peres is beloved by the media and the rest of the leftist elites, and despised by much of the public, for his role in engineering the fake peace process with the PLO.

...In the fullness of time, compared to his latest debacle, Peres’s initiation and maintenance of the Oslo process will be but a footnote in his career as Israel’s most illustrious subversive.

Peres’s most significant legacy will be the nuclear arsenal he leaves behind.

No, not Israel’s purported nuclear arsenal that Peres’s flaks eagerly claim he is solely responsible for developing.

Peres’s legacy will be Iran’s nuclear arsenal.

Read the rest here.


  1. What's going on? You've got to read this:

    "Teens Banned from Praying About the Third Temple
    Ariel youth movement conference at the Western Wall denied entry over magnets with prayer for the Third Temple on them.


  2. While Peres gets to celebrate his birthday in Israel, having fun, not being harassed, meeting celebrities, having a grand party, receiving compliments, not being lied to, being happy, and just having a grand old time, Jonathan Pollard has to "celebrate" HIS birthday in prison, in America, not in Israel, where he wants to be. He isn't having fun, he's probably being Harrased, he's not meeting any celebrities, since Peres or most of the OTHER prime ministers care, Bibi just cares more compared to the others, but that's not difficult, and that's an UNDERSTATEMENT, he isn't having a party, it's just the day when he was born since in prison, you can't celebrate it, he is recovering compliments, but they're because he deserves them, he was and maybe IS being lied to, it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to be "happy" in the pit aka prison, and he isn't having a grand time! So their moral characters are inverse to the way they are living!

  3. I meant don't care, not care!