09 June 2013

The Polarization of Society

1 Tamuz 5773
Rosh Chodesh

Which side will you choose?

If you peruse the online Anglo-Israeli press today, you'll see that stories related to the celebration of homosexuality figure prominently. Along with large, explicit images of the "Pride" Parade in Tel Aviv, there are editorials from "gay 'Orthodox' (sic) rabbis," and from " 'Orthodox' (sic) straight" women who "have no problem at all with gay marriage." I won't link to them because I did not read them and you should not either - it's blatant propaganda and a poke in the eye of the Creator of the World who said these acts are an abomination in His eyes, a corruption and abuse of His creation.

Now, if you look through the 'religious' news sites, you see that the Women of the Wall provocation tops the stories. And only on these sites will you find out why there was such a "low turn-out" of Hareidim at the Western Wall today. The police barred religious Jews from entering to pray Rosh Chodesh prayers in order to "protect the rights" of a handful of instigators. If these women had any idea of drawing closer to the Divine by their actions, they must have been appalled at the result - the barring of fellow Jews to prayer at the most holy site accessible to us.

In all the pictures of these women wearing tallit and tefillin, I see not one with her hair covered - the most basic sign of a woman's modesty. Clearly, not yet having mastered the basics of their duties as women, they should not be reaching for more. But that is not the issue I want to address here.

All of these things are tests meant to force us to choose a side and in this case, choosing a side requires that you also choose a reality. There is the illusion of reality which appears to us as the material world where man and his intellect supposedly rule and then there is the truth of the spiritual reality which lies hidden behind it where the Creator's rules proffer their blessings and exact their consequences.

The same "reality" exists for all, but only a few live in the light of the Truth, with full consciousness of what is real and yet unseen by the eye.

Which side will you choose?


Elliot said...

These women are contradicting the guidelines of their own reform movement. The Reform, in their perversity, oppose Israeli 'occupation', according to them East Jerusalem is 'occupied territory'. Suddenly, when it suits them, the Kotel is the place for them to perform their clown-show

Yakov Butterfield said...

Wonderful post. What about those Jews in the US, Europe. They also need to make a choice.

Yakov Butterfield said...

Wonderful Post. What about all the Jews outside of Israel? They also need to make a choice?