17 June 2013


9 Tamuz 5773

And may this be only the beginning of laying claim to ALL of our land!!

Bennett: Palestinian State? Get Over It

Bayit Yehudi head, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett, said Monday that the idea of establishing a Palestinian state has reached a dead end and should be forsaken.

"Never in the history of Israel has so much energy been invested in something so pointless,” Bennett said at a conference on the Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria and their depiction in the media.

Regarding the idea of a Palestinian state, he said, "We need to go from a situation in which we try to convince people that it is a bad idea, to one in which this idea is behind us. Anyone who travels around Judea and Samaria knows that what they say in the hallways of Oslo and Annapolis is detached from reality.”

"There are 400,000 Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria, and another 250,000 in eastern Jerusalem,” he noted. “More than 10% of the residents of Israel live in what is called the Green Line. The attempt to establish a Palestinian state inside our land is over.


  1. That's great.

    But, he didn't recant his plan for autonomy in 2/3 of Yo"Sh.

    That will eventually lead to a state, if we allow it.

    So, what's his deal??

  2. You have to back away from the abyss one step at a time. This is the first step. I doubt he will be the one to bring us all the way back, but it's a good and necessary first step which was first verbalized by Danny Danon, of all people. I'm hoping that these positive moves towards a saner direction are continued with the new Likud internal elections. Maybe Moshe Feiglin will turn out to have been right all along.