10 June 2013

Chief Hellenist in the Erev Rav Regime

2 Tamuz 5773

Hellenism - the love and emulation of Greek ideals and culture - is alive and well and running the Jerusalem City government today. Ever since the current mayor took office the residents of the Holy City have been forced to endure one city-center shut down after another, always on a Friday when Shabbat preparations are at their peak. This mayor loves marathons and other kinds of races and sports and promotes them whole-heartedly and single-mindedly. He ignores the holy aspirations of those who make pilgrimage to Jerusalem for its unique sanctity and works tirelessly to promote it as a world-class tourist destination that out-gentiles the gentiles.

This is just the latest offense. Ad matai, Hashem!!!???

NEWS: Formula 1 in Jerusalem Thurs & Fri!

For the first time in history, Formula One comes to Jerusalem. Formula 1 cars will travel through the streets of Jerusalem on the background of the Old City walls, as part of a showcase event.

The event will be held on June 13-14 and will also include Ferrari Challenge cars, drift cars and Grand Prix motorcycles and a show by German stunt champion Chris Pfeiffer.  Different sports cars and racing cars will be showcased at Jerusalem's Old Train Station compound starting June 9.

Watching the events will be free, although there will be grandstands assembled in places for which tickets are on sale for the grandstand seats.

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  1. ...not to mention the glorification of polluting the environment.

    But, yeah, being just like Europe and America is VERY important to these people.