07 June 2013

Have You Noticed?

29 Sivan 5773

Evil's time in this world really must be running short, because it seems to be throwing everything it's got at us faster and faster and faster. From the frenetic pace of those pushing to restart the "peace process" to the no-holds barred actions of the Erev Rav regime, including the WoW provocations, it's like subconsciously they know there is little time left to completely destroy Judaism and the Jewish State. And make no mistake about it - this is their goal.

Kerry Coming Next Week
Secretary of State John Kerry of the United States is expected to return to the Middle East next week for meetings with officials from Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan. It will mark his fifth visit to the area since assuming office.

Report: Catherine Ashton due to Visit Soon
Foreign-policy chief Catherine Ashton of the European Union is expected to come to Israel and the Palestinian Authority soon in an attempt to advance the resumption of peace talks, according to a Friday-morning report by Kol Yisrael government radio.

In making the announcement, EU ambassador to Israel, Andrew Standley expressed hope that the efforts to renew direct talks would bear fruit.

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