03 June 2013

Choose between your 'son' and your 'daughter'

26 Sivan 5773

The chutzpah appalls and astounds me. And it infuriates me. You piddling little nothing!

Standley: Choose between Hebron and Haifa

EU Ambassador Andrew Standley addressed the media in advance of his retirement, "The EU labels products from the West Bank in order to allow consumers to make an economic decision based on ideology, not as an act of anti-Semitism. The Israeli government has approved this for the last decade. Long-term settlements in the West Bank are not conducive to security, only a two-state solution is. Bottom line, Israel already accepted relinquishing the entire West Bank in 1947, so I advise you to choose between Hebron and Haifa."

You, with your sick economies and black hearts, you go right ahead. We don't need you or your failing markets. No, it's not antisemitic, it's just anti-Israel or anti-"settler" or pro-Arab/pro-Muslim. Whatever you call it does not erase the stench of falsehood and hypocrisy. Auschwitz borders are not "conducive to security" either and whatever might have been agreed in 1947 was massively rejected by the other side. If you think we are going to be bound by it today, you have a very rude awakening in store. Oh, and one more thing while we are at it. The Israeli government does not speak (or make agreements) for the Jewish people.

We will have both Haifa AND Hebron, thank you very much, and we will have security and economic abundance as well, with the help of our God who is Master of this house we call Israel!


  1. Give 'em hell Devora .Here's a great line . In the portion of beckukoty it says that if the Jewish people will treat G-d with 'KERRY'[ coldness ] Hashem will nail us with the furry of KERRY".. Keep up the great work

  2. well said . may all jews stand by this.