13 March 2011

Understanding the Tragedy in Itamar

7 Adar II 5771

I read how the bloodthirsty murderers slit the infant's throat and stabbed the toddler through the heart and I cried and cried and cried, from the depths of my soul. Hashem! Have mercy on your children!! But this is not the first time that I have cried for Itamar. And it is not the first time that the community's security has been breached with tragic consequences.

I do not presume to know why this particularly family, but I've known and warned for a long time that Itamar has a security issue.

On 17 Aug '09, I wrote: "I read 'Unfaithful men have gone forth from among you and have led the inhabitants of their city astray, ...' along with the description of that city's ultimate destruction and I shake to the core of my being. Now, of all times, while the threat of destruction hovers over every Jewish town and village in Judea and Samaria, this issue must be confronted.

'Unfaithful men'---men who place their trust in idol-worshippers rather than in the God of Israel are bringing sure and swift destruction upon their families, neighbors, friends and upon the whole House of Israel."

On 24 Jan '10, I wrote: "I continue to be upset and frustrated at the lack of interest shown by those whom I have tried to inform of the missionary infiltration into the yishuvim, particularly in the Shomron. IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFLUENCE WITH THE RABBIS IN THE SHOMRON, PLEASE MAKE THEM AWARE OF THIS VITAL ISSUE!!"

On 29 Aug '10, I wrote: "...who's gonna protect the kids if the parents, neighbors and rabbis won't?"

On 1 Sep '10, I wrote: "There is something seriously, spiritually flawed in anyone who claims to be an 'Orthodox' Jew and a rabbi to boot and they visit churches, eat and sleep in the homes of idolaters, allow their children to be in email contact with idolaters...

Lest you think this is lashon hara, it is! But it is the lashon hara that is required in order to warn other Jews that they are in mortal danger.

I call on the Itamar community to depose this mayor from his position...."
[Note: He was very recently re-elected.]

On 14 Feb '11, I wrote: "...She's been busy bringing Christians and Jews together for at least the last twelve years. Anyway that's when I first spoke to her about the damage she was likely to cause Klal Yisrael with her activities."
Two weeks ago on Motzaei Shabbat, Hashem sent a qualified shaliach to Itamar who spoke with their rabbi's blessing about this issue. I do not know what the response was, but no one can say he was not warned.

The news says Security Failures Led To Murder of Fogel Family," but, in truth, it is their spiritual security that was breached and this in turn led to the physical breakdown of the security apparatus.

Hashem promises to be our protective wall if we will but listen and obey!!! AM YISRAEL, for this you must do teshuva before it happens again!

Ten years ago, I almost went to live in Itamar. I was approved by the acceptance committee, but I could not give up the dream of Yerushalayim. Itamar is a beautiful yishuv full of beautiful Jews. I only want to protect them.

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