"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

15 March 2011

Compromised Security

9 Adar II 5771
A lot of blogs and facebook pages have been started to commemorate the holy Jewish family slaughtered in Itamar last Shabbat.

One of them, Bless Itamar, has been around for awhile, but it now has a new page dedicated to the "martyrs," on which the following observation is made:

"Itamar has suffered more than its share of tragedy at the hands of terrorism."

What I'm wondering is...doesn't anyone ever ask "why?" And if so, what were their conclusions?

I already offered my considered opinion in an earlier blogpost. I believe that by, not only allowing, but encouraging xians to visit and interact with Jews in Itamar, their spiritual security, and thereby, their physical security has been compromised.

I have done my pitiful best to warn those responsible, but to no avail.

Today, I am heartsick to see the continuing deep involvement of a Dominionist xian with the mayor of Itamar and his wife. They jointly run the Bless Itamar page where the new Fogel Family Condolence Guest Book resides and where visitors are now encouraged to leave a message of condolence to the family, and oh, if you'd like to make a donation as well, that would certainly be welcome.

Some of the comments make oblique references to Yeshu! G-d forbid!

Tani Zarelli, who is on record as having called on Jews to "repent" their "attacks" on xians, now writes the following on her facebook page:

"This has been very hard for me personally as Itamar and her people are like family to me. They opened their arms and home to this Gentile woman and have taught me so much. Now when tragedy hits like this senseless and barbaric act it touches me deep into the core of me. And if that is how it hits me, then how much more the surviving children, family and community. I can't wait to get there and hug them all with Hashems hug!"

One of her friends responds: "Dearest Tani - I hope you will have the opportunity to meet the grandmother (Ruth's mother). She has been interviewed a number of times and each time I am amazed.... she is the face of God."
And she answers: "I am looking forward to meeting the family when I come to Israel the end of the month."

This just curdles my stomach, the thought of these impure idolaters attaching themselves to holy Jews and being invited into holy Jewish homes. And the thought of this woman hugging the daughter or the grandmother, all the time with her Yeshu thoughts running through her head. Who do you think "Hashem" is to her??? Yes! It's Yeshu!
G-d forbid!
[NOTE: This is the last time I will write on this subject.]

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