29 March 2011

For the Record

23 Adar II 5771

I am an Israeli citizen and not a citizen of any other country.
I have no Congressman to write to and wouldn't if I did.
I put no faith in America or American policy (or the Erev Rav Regime for that matter).
I do not look for or ask for or accept money (or "help" in any form) from chutz la'aretz.

I can't stand Sarah Palin.
I detest Glen Beck.
Not only do I not watch Fox News (no tv), I won't even visit their website.

I am in favor of the death penalty for missionaries, just as the Torah says.
I am in favor of genocide as it applies to Amalek and the "seven nations," just as the Torah says. (There's a difference between genocide against a people who never did any harm and genocide of a people who are sworn to wipe you out.)
If there is a choice between an IDF soldier and an Arab non-combatant civilian, the civilian should die.

I don't believe there can be real mercy without justice.
I hold Jews who are better xians than the xians in contempt.
I hold Jews who run after the goyim and seek their "support" and praise in disdain.
I pity the Jews who can not or will not make aliyah to Eretz Yisrael.
I don't believe that most people really want the Mashiach to come. And when he does, they are going to be majorly put out, if not downright antagonistic.

I want to believe Rabbi Ben Artzi. I'd like to think that all the Jews will make it and that Hashem is as mild-mannered as He comes across when the Rabbi speaks of Him. But I'm very doubtful. I'd like to be convinced.

Hashem help and save Your people!

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