04 March 2011


28 Adar I 5771

The more the Jews insist on being one with the gentiles, the more violently they will push us away from them. That is what happened in 20th century Germany.

CB 10 Rejects Hebrew School in Harlem

A presentation to put a Hebrew language charter school in Harlem was met with fierce resistance from local officials and residents, who want the school to move elsewhere.

...It would be open to all students.... “It’s an abomination. It’s an insult,” said Board 10 member Isis Ausar.

“[The school is] focused on breaking down barriers and understanding across cultures,” ....


  1. I read in an article somewhere a good point. The author said, G-d promises the Jewish that they will be eternal. However, we can choose to disappear through assimilation. Therefore, to make sure we don't disappear completely, Hashem puts here anti-semitism, in order to awaken our pride in our heritage.

    Notice how individuals don't think about their identity and heritage until someone is offensive to them. Afterwards, the person is now proud to be Jew. :) Hopefully this might inspire them to marry Jewish and continue their Jewish family line and tradition

  2. Attempts to break down the walls between Jews and Gentiles by assimilating into their secular society and their culture will not fix anti-Semitism nor gain their acceptance. Never has, never will as history has always shown.
    The Haggadah addresses this.Just after it discusses the state of anti-Semitism – "In every generation they stand up against us to destroy us" – it immediately states: "Go and learn from Lavan the Aramite."
    The only solution to anti-Semitism is, as the Haggadah itself states: "And this Hashems covenant and promise – is what stood by our ancestors and us".
    Only a strong united and proud Nation of Israel with unwavering faith & trust in Hashem will break the anti-Semites of this world. Am Echad B'Lev Echad - One People, One Heart - United! May it be that our generation, this Generation Merit to be immediately redeemd by Moshiach Tzidkeinu. This year in Jerusalem!!