20 March 2011

Quick Notes

It could be that I won't be able to restrain myself from commenting since the world situation is currently so volatile, but I'll try to keep it short and will update this post as needed.

15 Adar II - 7:50pm: Just returned from megillah reading on this Shushan Purim 5771. There is a high wind, spitting rain drops. Too overcast to see the special "Supermoon," but we know it's up there.

Happy Shushan Purim to all of you living in walled cities!

14 Adar II - 9:10pm: (MSNBC)"BREAKING NEWS: U.S. has 3 submarines preparing for operations against Libya - official"

12 Adar II - 11:10am: A major war is about to erupt at this moment, davka at Purim! The West against Qadafi and Qadafi against Europe & the ME---"If the world has gone crazy, we'll be crazy too."

If you turn the word Libya into Hebrew letters, it spells 'G-d's heart' (לב-יה). If you rearrange the letters in the Hebrew name for it (לוב), you get (לבו), or his (His) heart. It could be possible that this thing comes from Hashem's deep desire. If so, then it should greatly advance the redemptive process.

Note: The gematria (38 / 3+8) reduces to 11. See Shirat Devorah on the significance of number 11.

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