"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

24 January 2010

Why isn't every Jew an anti-missionary?

I continue to be upset and frustrated at the lack of interest shown by those whom I have tried to inform of the missionary infiltration into the yishuvim, particularly in the Shomron.

Tommy Waller and his family of thirteen, who are self-avowed Xian missionaries, have made their home in Ariel twice a year, every year for the last six, using it as a base for launching their missionary endeavors.

(According to their "Harvesters" webpage, they will be back in Israel on February 1 - March 4, 2010.)

In the fall of 2009, they brought 100 like-minded missionaries with them to Itamar and Har Bracha to provide free labor to religious Jews.

Why do they do it? They are "building relationships," i.e. sucking in the Jews until they are ripe for receiving their "gospel."

Tommy Waller: "For us, sharing the gospel is not only verbal, it has an action to it. It's based on relationships. As we're working with these people, we'll be able to share with them this Jesus that we know."

(Full video here.)

They seem so nice! This is the danger of allowing relationships like this to form between non-Jews and Jews, how much more so those who worship Yeshu as the Creator, G-d forbid! and call him "HaShem" and refer to him as "YKVK," G-d forbid!!

They have been welcomed into Jewish homes and Jewish life. How long before there are shidduchim between their children and ours, G-d forbid!!!

Brayden Waller: "Our family has begun a ministry called HaYovel. The vision of HaYovel is to develop a network of individuals, families and congregations [churches and messianic 'synagogues'] ready to labor side by side with the people of Israel, to bless them, to stand with them, to share with them a passion for the soon coming of the Jubilee in Yeshua, the messiah."

One Israeli beneficiary commented: "They don't ask anything. They only want to give." Are we really so naive that we are ready to believe that the goyim will give so much to us with no strings attached?

The Wallers and their followers think they are building their Olam Haba with the mitzva their "Master" gave them---to "go and make disciples"---to convince others by whatever means possible to become believers and participants in their idolatry.

It seems some or many Israeli Jews are buying their story and becoming convinced, G-d forbid!

(Full video here.)
David Rubin, former Mayor of Shiloh: Quotes from the Prophet Yirmiyahu and tells the Waller Group that the "notsrim" translated "watchmen" is actually referring to "Xians."
NOTE: (If this is not yet proof enough, a perusal of their website will provide you with the following evidence of their true motivation.)

“Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement, Lev 23:27) starts tonight. We will be fasting, praying for and thanking YHWH for His forgiveness as well as asking Him to reveal the areas in our lives that we need to repent for and make right. This is a very solemn time for all Israel. Even a lot of secular Jews fast on Yom Kippur. May Yeshua reveal His grace and forgiveness to them.”

“The Mount of Temptation is the alleged 'high mountain' where Yeshua was tempted by satan in Matt 4:8. We had an awesome time of worship as we looked out towards Jericho and proclaimed Yeshua’s Name over the city.”

Brayden, Dad and I are on our way to go be with them [the Ortiz family] – so pray that God will use us to comfort them and that Yeshua’s name will be lifted high in that Israeli hospital!


Since they started their work in Israel the family helped build a winery, harvested tons of grapes and olives, trimmed acres of vines and olive trees, moved rocks and boulders for roads and most importantly, built relationships with both Israelis and Palestinians.

This fall the Waller family was joined by several other families who wanted to help bring down the wall of division. “For us it’s a spiritual deal – a faith deal,” said Sherri Waller. “The battle is over the land because God gave it to the descendents of Abrahamthat includes us.”


  1. And why is it that religious Yidden can not stop from their busy lives and go help our brothers in their fields at harvest time?

    It is sad to see that it takes xtians to do what our own can do - and now we see the damage that they will bring to klal

    So let's get off our "tush" and help in the next harvest. Let's stay in touch with our Yidden and see what their needs are and PROVIDE FOR THEIR NEEDS!

    I am praying ever so hard that HaShem will speedily bring my family to Israel as of now - we are in Boro Park.- I want to play an integral part in keeping these missionaries away from our people.

    As of now, I do not know what to do - I will continue to daven, yes - I will send this info to Rabbi Tovia Singer and see what he can do to help - someone needs to contact all the kiruv organizations in Israel. Obviously we are NOT meeting the needs of secular Jews if they are "fallying prey" to the softness and love love love of the xtians.

  2. How many people do you know who can leave their jobs and families for six weeks to camp out near a vineyard and then give their labor away for free????

    This Waller family is being financially supported as missionaries from funds abroad. As a matter of fact, their exploits here inspire their followers and supporters to give them even more money!

    Why can't this Jewish landowner do like all others and simply pay for workers? Of course, it will cut into his profit margin! If you can get workers for free, why not? It would seem to me to be unethical anyway to accept "free" labor when you know that someone somewhere is paying (or is going to pay). Nothing is for free!!

    My suggestion in the past was the following: Instead of army at eighteen, push the age back to 20 as per the Torah and the two years between 18-20 should be for civil work programs like construction, agriculture, etc. Places where our enemies slip in. It would serve to prepare physically for the army and to learn skills that otherwise might never be encountered in the future. Two years civil service and two years military (not three) so the whole contribution is four years. That's one solution.

    Another solution might be a Birthright-type program that enlists young Jews to do what the missonaries are doing.

    Basically this is all about money. This David Rubin has an organization and all the yishuvim have formed organizations begging for money, capitalizing on their misfortunes and those of Gush Katif in order to rake in funds for trivialities, like expensive playground equipment. Now there are people building rooms, etc for housing these xians, again to make money off the deal.

    If this is what Jews do to have the land, will put other Jews at risk for their own personal benefit, then Hashem will take away the land, G-d forbid! With the "freeze" already in place and constant talk of "evacuations" every day, you'd think those who stand to be most affected would be doing urgent teshuva, wouldn't you??? They saw it happen in Gush Katif and still they don't think it will happen to them. Just like American Jews saw it happen in Europe and still they don't think it will happen to them. What's to do teshuva for??? G-d have mercy!!

  3. Shalom Devash - Your opening comment was the sentiments of my husband. Point taken.

    You typed: Another solution might be a Birthright-type program that enlists young Jews to do what the missonaries are doing.

    From what I have read on some links the Jewish Agency is allowing xtians to make aliyah - and some birthright programs are corrupted w/ missionaries as well. Screening is essential.

    I know what can happen here in the States. This is why I am pleading to HaShem to bring me home to Eretz Yisrael even today. IY'H - in G-d's timing He gives to each of us our bread. I see His hand moving us closer to this day. I am impatient though and want what I want now.

    all the best to you