21 January 2010

A Few Thoughts

Just jotting down a few thoughts that occurred to me while I reviewed the news this morning:

--- Maybe Haiti is like Iyov. We learn that Hashem occupied the SA with the not-so-innocent Iyov so that the Accuser could not interfere with the geulah from Mitzrayim. Maybe the US and UN will have their hands too full with this catastrophe to waste their time pestering us...for awhile anyway.

---I saw a comment somwhere that China is poised to take over the world leadership role from the US. Not true. When Edom falls, Israel rises. And the success of our medical personnel in Haiti is a small indication of that. Like the man said, "Makes you embarrassed to be an American."

---There are a few "interfaith" rabbis out there forging ties with "humanity." They like to talk about how the followers of the three "monotheistic faiths" are all the children of Avraham and they make much of Avraham's openness to everyone. But what occurs to me is that Avraham was a "root" and the age of "roots" has ended. In other words, Avraham was a unique person with a unique mission at a specific point in history which has now passed.

Yishmael descended from Avraham and Eisav descended from Yitzchak, but all the sons of Yaakov were righteous. That is why we are not called the children of Avraham or the children of Yitzchak, but the Children of Yisrael (Yaakov).


  1. http://books.google.com/books?id=qzgeSUfDFFEC&pg=PT80&lpg=PT80&dq=%#v=onepage&q=&f=false

    Haiti burning jews

  2. B"H

    Let us not forget the avodah zarah of Haiti, both the out-Catholicking the Catholics, and the VooDoo.