18 January 2010

"The Message of Haiti"

Daniel – The message from the destruction of Haiti

Erev Rosh Chodesh Shevat
(Please forgive my poor translation skills.)

To Am Yisrael:

What more can I say? What more can I say to you?

It is written that at the end of the birthpangs of Mashiach, before Mashiach comes, the majority of the Jews will be from the Erev Rav and amongst them will be Amalekim and also, even among our leaders – the secular, the religious and the chareidi….there are among them also Erev Rav and Amalekim.

Open your eyes! You don’t see?
Torah scholars, you don’t see?
You don’t see that all the prophecies are already coming to pass and only the end has not come?

You can see that it is arriving really soon. Everything is occurring fast. Everything is going straight and clear. This world, as we know it, will not stand much longer. Hashem will slaughter the “Lie” and the “Truth” will live. It will be a world without the yetzer hara and without lies.

But the majority of the Jews and, of course, the goyim, do not comprehend; do not want to comprehend, that the world now, right now at this moment, is going to change, and it’s going to happen in a hard way, even brutally, in the near future, and a majority of the world, two-thirds of the world will be destroyed. (Zechariah 13)

We see clearly that many countries – America, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Europe, England, India, Pakistan, all the Arab lands, China, the Far East, the Near East, wherever you want, -- are preparing for wars. All over the world, we already see wars. There is a cruel gun that can destroy whole countries, not a man remaining. There have been improvements to these guns that 20 – 30 years ago, nobody dreamed of, except maybe in the movies, but not for real.

Right now, we are living in a world that is difficult to digest, that there can really be a world like this, a world full of lies, evil, hate, wars, murder, immodesty, everything sickening that it’s possible to describe.

But the majority of the Jews don’t want to know. Most of the Jews in the world continue on as if nothing is happening. Correct, that a few are nervous that money is harder to obtain, and people are dying before their time from societal pressures and it’s correct that there are hard cases that never were before of widows with troubles that once only the goyim suffered from, and it’s correct that we don’t see a future for the next generation of Jews, Hashem protect us!

But despite this, the majority of Jews, including the chareidim, don’t feel the need to pray or to cry out to HKB”H – to request help, to leave the crisis that we ourselves created.

We see clearly the many dangers that Hashem shows us, but that doesn’t convince most Jews, so the majority of Jews continue to live like normal.

What can I tell you? I want to cry out with a great shout: Heaven, Master of the Universe, wake up your people Israel, wake them up, what will be with them?

Don’t destroy them, Master of the Universe, don’t destroy them, have mercy on Am Yisrael, that for more than 2000 years has been in the hardest exile.

In the merit of all the righteous who died for the sanctification of Your Name, who were ready to kill themselves along with their children and women, only Father in Heaven, please have mercy on Your children.

Am Yisrael, Am Yisrael, you don’t understand, HKB”H loves us, but if we cross the set limits, and we are already almost there, then nothing will help.

Only those who are receiving HKB”H with everything they can, only those who are able to say with all their heart, “there is nothing besides Him” will be able to survive, to live in the world of Truth.

HKB”H sent this week a giant earthquake to Haiti, a place full of many sins and filth, both spiritually and bodily. HKB”H sent the earthquake so that the resulting destruction is equal to several atomic bombs.

Thousands and thousands of people killed, we don’t yet know how many. Thousands and thousands of people disappeared and how many millions injured.

You don’t understand the message, Am Yisrael? [The point is for Am Yisrael to understand since chazal say that nothing comes to the world but for the sake of Am Yisrael.] It needed to happen in New York, chas v’shalom! or London, chas v’shalom! Or Vienna or Amsterdam or Moscow (places where many Jews live) or Jerusalem, chas v’shalom! Until the Jew will understand and feel and cry and shout and plead with Shamayim for the geulah?

What happened in Haiti was a warning.

The destruction brings us very close. HKB”H doesn’t need atomic bombs on Americans or on the Pakistanis or the Russians or Iranians or others…

HKB”H, in His glory and by Himself, will destroy two-thirds of the world without any help from people.

Am Yisrael, return now, this moment, because there is no more time.

Am Yisrael, it will not be possible to do teshuva at the last moment, the mind can’t work in a situation like this. He who does teshuva prior to that time won’t have a problem, and he who doesn’t, chas v’shalom, his mind won’t be able to think hard enough.

Now is the time.

Now, Hashem sends little examples, a very little example of what’s going to be. Look well, observe, begin to think and to do a spiritual accounting, return to HKB”H, our Father in Heaven.

Am Yisrael, cry out to Heaven, ask for the complete redemption, direct your prayers to HKB”H, to the Throne of Glory, return in full repentance because there’s no time, there’s no time, there’s no time.

And he who makes a joke from my words, he is more than foolish, he is a person without knowledge, he’s an empty person, he’s an unacceptable person, he’s a person who has no future and has not eternity, chas v’shalom.

My father has asked me to conclude my message with words that give hope, but I look around, I observe the sad and hard spiritual situation of Am Yisrael and I have no words of encouragement. I have like arrows in my heart. I only have the desire to sit down where I stand and tear my clothes in mourning; to put ashes on my head and sackcloth on my body and cry, and cry and cry. To cry over Am Yisrael, an entertaining child, the bride of HKB”H in the wilderness, the beloved of HKB”H, a special nation.

What happened to you?
Where are you going?
What will be with you?
Woe to us!

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