08 January 2010

Anti-Israelism is the new antisemitism

And "nice" people don't have any problem with it.

You've got to see/hear it to believe it...

Western Jews, Heaven is screaming at you!!! Are you deaf!!?


  1. American Judaism better start speaking up about this topic. Ben Stein called Ron Paul antisemitic for not supporting the wars in afghanistan and Iraq. Pretty soon, not supporting anything our government does will be called antisemitic.

  2. Mark, what shouts out to me from your comment is the word "our"--"our government." When we were sent into exile, we were told to settle down there because it would be a long time before we would be coming back home. But now that we are being ingathered, the exile mentality must change. We were redeemed from Mitzrayim in part because we did not change our distinctive dress or our names, i.e. we remained attached to our nationhood. The most tragic thing about western Jews is their complete identification with the lands where they sit in exile. You can begin to "come home" by changing your thoughts. Make an effort to stop identifying wholly with Eisav and just refer to it as the American or US government, not "ours."

    Shabbat shalom, chodesh tov!