13 March 2008

UPDATE to "Attack on Purim?"

It's not just me.

Lebanese Ready To Flee on Fears of New War with Israel

(IsraelNN.com) Lebanese citizens are preparing passports and personal affairs in preparation for a quick exit if Hizbullah makes good on it threat last month to take revenge on Israel for the assassination of its mastermind terrorist, Imad Mughniyeh. Officials in southern Lebanon said they have been overwhelmed by residents wanting to update travel documents and rent apartments in safer areas, the French news agency AFP reported. The passport office in the coastal city of Tyre has received daily requests for passports at a rate of five times the normal.

"I renewed my passport and those of the three children because I'm scared something is going to happen," one woman said outside Beirut government offices. "If war breaks out, I will immediately leave to join my husband who works in Qatar, said the woman, Lina Helman. Residents in the Hizbullah-dominated Bekaa valley are looking for housing in Christian areas in expectation of Israeli air strikes on Hizbullah.

The As-Safir newspaper noted, "The Lebanese are worried about the situation and are acting as if war was imminent as they set up emergency plans."

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