02 March 2008

Stop with the Occupying, Start with the Possessing

The way we know the world really has no real heartfelt concern for the "plight" of the "poor" Palestinians is that no one anywhere cared that generations of them were confined to refugee camps for sixty years. Not one Arab country would accept them into their borders and there was no righteous outcry then. No one was concerned for their "national rights" while Egypt ruled Gaza and Jordan ruled the West Bank of the River Jordan.

I probably have more compassion for them than the most liberal European elitist and that's why I have to agree that the occupation has to stop!! Israel is illegally occupying lands under Arab control!!!

Now, let me clarify these shocking statements. I say that the Israeli government is an "occupier" because they do not claim the land as Israeli. They intend staying only until they can successfully give them over to another people. They do not recognize any legitimate claim to these lands on behalf of their own people. They do not even extend Israeli civil law to their own citizens living there.

This "occupation" is ILLEGAL under TORAH LAW! The Jewish people were commanded by the Ribono shel Olam to conquer this Land and make it our own and not to allow any other people to dwell in it.

Now, the kindest, most compassionate thing that can possibly be done for the poor suffering Arabs in Gaza et al is to cease "occupying" and immediately conquer once and for all, making it absolutely clear and without any equivocation that these Arabs MUST be settled elsewhere because they will NEVER, EVER, EVER be allowed to remain, much less one day return, to any Israeli territory.

So shock a "Smolani" and tell him you agree with him that the "occupation" must end. I leave it to you whether to break that moment of achdut with your fellow Jew by telling him it means removing the Arab forever from every corner of Eretz Yisrael forthwith.

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  1. Have you heard this one?

    Three people, one of them a member of the Israeli Defense Forces, were shipwrecked and landed on a remote cannibal-infested island. They were captured before long, and as cauldrons of water were being hoisted on to the fire, the generous natives offered to grant each of their captives one last wish.

    The first doomed man requested a pen and paper, and penned a farewell note to his family. The second person asked for a five-course –non-human-meat – final meal. The Israeli then asked that the tribal leader punch him in the face. A strange request, but in their final moments on earth, people don't always think coherently... As soon as the Chief socked him, the Israeli pulled out an Uzi and mowed down the hapless captors.

    "Why did you wait until he punched you before shooting them?" the two relieved friends asked.

    "And have the world say that I was the aggressor?!"