19 March 2008

Tremendous Ideological Victory!!

Tzviyah Sariel
of Elon Moreh

Tzviya Sariel is Acquitted

...Her stubborness was not appreciated in some religious-Zionist circles, however. Some felt that her parents and teachers were to blame for not encouraging her to do the minimum necessary to get her out of prison.

Tzviya's friends, however, were very supportive throughout her ordeal. "What goes on in the courtroom and police stations is truly a farce," one school friend [name withheld at her request] told Arutz-7. "The police simply make up accusations, and the judge makes rulings that have nothing to do with justice. She refuses to identify herself, so she has to stay in prison with criminals for weeks and weeks? What does that have to do with justice?"

She did the right thing and she won! What a courageous young woman. What a merit she is to Am Yisrael!! Ad meah v'esrim, Tzviyah.

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