17 October 2016

It Started on Sukkot

16 Tishrei 5777
1st Day Chol HaMoed Sukkot
Moadim l'Simcha!

With Sukkot's connection to the Gog uMagog war, you just can't ignore the phenomenal events that seem to cluster around this time of year. Look what happened while we were celebrating the first day of Sukkot.

Mosul assault – a military Tower of Babel
Sunday night, Oct. 16, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, supported by a bevy of generals, announced that the military operation to recapture Mosul from its two-year occupation by the Islamic State had begun.

Iraqi Forces Advance to Edges of ISIS-Held Mosul

Wall Street Journal-1 hour ago
Kurdish fighters and allied Iraqi troops advanced into nine villages on Mosul's eastern edges on Monday, commanders said, but heavy mortar ...
LIVE UPDATES: The battle for Mosul
Local Source-Rudaw-9 hours ago
Mosul: Iraqi army battles ISIL in 'historic operation'
In-Depth-Aljazeera.com-3 hours ago

Mosul offensive: Live updates

CNN-3 hours ago

When Mosul falls, Isis will flee to the safety of Syria. But what then?
The entire Isis caliphate army could be directed against the Assad government and its allies – a scenario which might cause some satisfaction in Washington

Claim: America “Plotting Secret Attack on Syria” With 9,000 ISIS Fighters From Mosul

A new claim from Russia suggests that the United States and Saudi Arabia, along with other partners, are planning to use ISIS once again to destabilize Assad in Syria.

If the account is to be believed, U.S. and British troops will use the pretext of ‘retaking Mosul’ in Iraq – which is currently held by ISIS – to give ISIS troops escape into Syria under cover of being attacked.

Who knows where it will all end by this time next week!


  1. tomer devorah, yes to all of the above. on target hit the bulls eye as usual. chag sameach, aryeh yosef

  2. The Tower of Babel was against the Al-mighty. This Iraqi force has been in the making for a while now. I hope they succeed. I see this more as a collusion of the US and TURKEY working to protect Turkey, because ‘poor turkey’ (sigh) is being inundated by immigrants and a lot of ISIS, which is trying to overthrow Turkey. That’s just how I see it. Maybe Yaak has some Torah insights about Mosul.

  3. Incidentally: "Vladimir Putin’s nuclear warships pictured steaming towards the English Channel as Royal Navy prepares to scramble fleet. The Russian fleet is believed to be planning military drills off Scottish coast before heading towards the Med.” AND the map shows destination to be Aleppo.

  4. Borne, just had a 7.4 magnitude earthquake!