14 March 2016

Chizuk: Shiurim and Prophetic Dreams

5 Adar II 5776

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Received from a reader...
Dear Devorah,
I had a dream many years ago (2005?) that was so realistic and clear and did not feel like a dream at all. I never felt that it was a normal dream, I always felt that it was a prophetic dream.
I thought that maybe I should send it to you.... My intent is that it should give hizuk to others if/when this event happens - to be unafraid.
After having this dream I saw a video from another woman who had a very similar dream that she continued prophetic - this strengthened my belief that my dream was a version of events that could come to pass.
In this dream I was in my home and suddenly two things happened at once:
- Large meteors, thousands and thousands of meteors started to fall. They were first seen as streaks of light coming from the east in the sky and travelling toward the west, like falling stars, but they did not break up in the atmosphere. When they reached the ground it was like thousands of huge missiles/bombs exploding on impact- everywhere.
- Simultaneously massive tremors/earthquakes started and every wall was shaking with such an intensity that I knew the house was going to fall- and every house was going to fall.
I stood at the front door of my house and thought "What should I do? If I go outside I will perhaps be killed by the falling meteors. If I stay in the house I will surely be killed by the falling house".
The next thought I had was that it is better to go outside because the falling of the house was sure, being hit by a meteor was only a possibility.
I left my house and stood amidst the chaos of all the meteors hitting, people screaming, damage, blood, absolute chaos.
Suddenly I noticed that a huge peace came over me and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was nothing to fear. I was absolutely at peace, and I thought that this was strange.
I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there were many who would survive this - that nothing could or would harm us, and there was absolutely nothing to fear.
There was nothing about this dream that was dreamlike - all the images were very realistic, I felt as if I really experienced this event.