05 January 2012

The Gathering Storm

10 Tevet 5772

Saudis, Gulf states on war alert for early US-Iran clash

...debkafile's Washington sources report that Saudi Arabia has warned the Obama administration that Iranian leaders mean what they say; their leaders are bent on provoking a military clash with the United States at a time and place of their choosing, rather than leaving the initiative to Washington. To this end, Iranian officials are ratcheting up their belligerence day after day.

You should read that article in full. There is talk of the US responding to Iran's warning by sending the carrier and a few destroyers back through the Strait.

PAPER: 'Thousands of US soldiers will be deployed in Israel' this Spring...
BREAKING NEWS: The Pentagon to Send US Troops to Israel. Iran is the Unspoken Target

In one of the most blacked-out stories in America right now, the US military is preparing to send thousands of US troops, along with US Naval anti-missile ships and accompanying support personnel, to Israel.

...While American troops will be stationed in Israel for an unspecified amount of time, Israeli military personnel will be added to EUCOM in Germany. EUCOM stands for United States European Command.

Also, see Tamar Yonah's blog on this.